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ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith told his “First Take” partner Skip Bayless that he would have outsmarted legendary defense attorney Johnnie Cochran during O.J. Simpson’s “trial of the century,” and netted a guilty verdict against the fallen athlete for the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

The topic came up as the two discussed ESPN’s “O.J.: Made in America” documentary, which debuted Saturday night and highlights O.J.’s rise to stardom, his infamous murder trail and subsequent conviction for armed robbery in Las Vegas.

In a claim that even he admitted might be his “cockiest” yet, Smith argued that if he had been the prosecutor on the O.J. Simpson trial, he would’ve been able to prove to the jury that Simpson did indeed murder Nicole and Goldman.

“I have profound respect for the late Johnnie Cochran, God rest his soul,” Smith told Skip Bayless. “It might be the cockiest thing I’ve ever said. Christopher Darden and Marcia Clark did an absolutely horrendous job as prosecutors. Because if it were me, there’s no way in hell that Johnnie Cochran would have beaten me with that evidence that I, that they, had. I’m telling you right now. I’m not even a lawyer. There is no way that you would have put 12 jurors in front of me with that evidence and I would have lost it, even to Johnnie Cochran. I’d have won that trial. I’ve often said that.”

Despite the DNA evidence found in Simpson’s car and elsewhere around his home, O.J — who Smith called “guilty as hell” — was found not guilty in 1995 in a trial that many are discovering through the five-part ESPN documentary as well as FX’s “The People vs. O.J. Simpson.”

Now that you’ve heard from Stephen A Smith, one of O.J.’s “Dream Team” lawyers, Carl Douglas, begs to differ. He told TMZ Sports that he heard Stephen A.’s statements on “First Take” … and says:

“It’s one of the least intelligent things I’ve ever heard uttered from his mouth.”

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