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When one of the greatest comedians of all-time decides to make a comeback to the screen, it’s definitely a cause for celebration and something to take note of.

So if swirling rumors are believed to be true, legendary comedian Eddie Murphy and Netflix could be teaming up for a project that sounds absolutely hilarious.

Film industry website Shadow and Act gives the inside scoop on Murphy’s possible pairing with Netflix for a mockumentary that would be a first for the hugely popular digital streaming service. The film is described as “a fake documentary titled Soul Soul Soul: The Murray Murray Story,” which will follow an iconic 1960s soul singer named Murray Murray who plots with his old band to take down hip-hop after a hot new rap artist samples one of his hit original songs.”

If the project does indeed move forward, Brett Ratner, who directed Murphy most recently in 2011’s Tower Heist, would direct, with Chris Case penning the script. Since the film’s process is contingent upon approval of the script, it could be a while before audiences actually (if ever) see it.

Here’s hoping that things move along swiftly and efficiently, because this sounds like a dream project for Murphy to star in. The potential character is almost reminiscent of the beloved Randy Watson character he created for the classic film Coming to America, and we all know how hilarious that was!

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