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young african american woman doing push upsThe single most important workout tip anyone can give you is the importance of form. Correct form yields greater results, making you stronger and leaner faster, and prevents injury. Starting out on your fitness journey means perfecting basic movements first, developing a strong base, and then building on that to do more as months go by. Master crawling before you can walk, then become an expert walker before you run. Your body and your results will thank you.

Use these tips during your next training session:

1. Leave your ego at the door. That guy deadlifting 300lbs in the gym or the super fit girl doing handstand pushups did not start there. Whatever level you are at is no one else’s business but your own. Start out with light weight when trying new exercises and think about doing it as though you’re being photographed or recorded. Work your way up to heavier weight and more advanced moves with good form instead of the other way around. It’s much more difficult to correct form and these bad habits could be costing you precious time in reaching your fitness goals. Be patient. You’ll get there.

2. Take your time to read instructions printed on machines and don’t be afraid to perform imitation reps when doing free weight exercises. Perform the movement with no weight for a few reps first to get used to the movement and then add weight with that exact form. If you can’t replicate the movement with the weight pick a lighter weight and repeat.

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