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The sad saga of Pilar Sanders, the ex-wife of Deion Sanders, just won’t stop.

According to, Pilar is pleading with a Texas Court to allow her to appeal her divorce judgement, claiming she wants to continue the fight with her former husband but she is dead broke and can’t afford to pay the court fees.

If you recall, last year, a Texas court awarded Deion a total of $2.2 million judgement against his ex-wife Pilar in a defamation suit he brought against her.

Deion sued Pilar after she gave interviews and made online statements that she was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of the ex-NFL star. Unfortunately for her, the court found Deion was defamed by Pilar and awarded him the multi-million judgement, which offset any money that he owed her as part of their divorce settlement.

And in an interesting twist of fate, it was reported that Deion then owed Pilar nothing from the settlement but she now owed him 7 figures!

Then recently, Pilar filed docs in her divorce case explaining she is too broke to pay the court fees to file an appeal. She states she has 3 children – 2 sons and a daughter – all that live with Deion at the moment.

Pilar informs the court that she has been unemployed for over 15 years due to her being a homemaker for Deion and the children. She spends $0 in rent a month (she currently lives with her mother & sister), $9 for health insurance, $400 for child care, $200 for food and she isn’t making any money from work.

She explains she has had to take out a $15k loan for expenses, owes $3k to Target, $5k to Visa and $6k to Sam’s but can’t afford to pay any of those bills and has had to take loans from family through the years and can’t pay them back.

Pilar says that she has a 2.2 million dollar judgement owed to her ex-husband but she has no assets, property or valuables to pay it. She claims that she has never received a dime from Deion Sanders that he was ordered to pay and has no savings or retirement.

The bottom line is that Pilar Sanders money is so funny that she is pleading with the court to waive the appeal fees, so she can continue to battle her ex in court to overturn the divorce judgement.

We might also add that in the court of public opinion, Pilar has been judged as delusional in her efforts to overturn that divorce judgement. We’ll leave it at that.

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12 thoughts on “A Broke Pilar Sanders Pleads With Court To Continue Her Case

  1. Cee Ehs on said:

    She had a one million dollar settlement that she would have received when the divorce was finalized IF she had just walked away.

    The prenup was notarized and then brought before a judge and signed AGAIN in front of the judge by BOTH parties. There is no possible way to throw out such a document as the document represents a court decision.

    Instead of counting her blessings she tried to fleece Deion.

    And people wonder why men don’t want to marry anymore.

  2. There is a job out there for Pilar even with her bad credit & no work history. If she really wanted to, she could find a job. Her & Deion have been divorced for a few years now. Instead of fighting her ex in the media, she could have gone back to school, got a degree & become self sufficient. She obviously wants to be taken care of for the rest of her life.

  3. kimboo on said:

    She was foolish enough to actually marry for LOVE, and not have anything to follow back on? Did you sign a pre-nupt stating that you get nothing from baring this mans seed x3? You had your own career, money, freedom…yet you entered into this without thinking with business sense. We all know there comes a day, when people grow apart in a marriage, so you want to protect your azz zets! Especially if your marrying a known football playboy? His first wife couldn’t change him… You don’t see Tracy Edmunds giving up Entertainment News, do you? No, cause she’s always made her own money, and NO man with any amount of money will define her. This is why Tara Banks still has her own money, and had a surrogate carry the child she and her partner have together… No marriage, just partners of two years. Relationships are ran like businesses these days, and you have to bring something to the table to eat with the big boys… GOOD LUCK PILAR!

  4. Timothy Green on said:

    Tried to spite him & ended up spiting herself, he abided by his end of the deal & refrained from speaking negatively about her, but she felt the need to continue to bash him, she made her decision

  5. Creole on said:

    Yes this is a sad situation. I really wish they could work out their issues and co-parent for the sake of the kids. I also think Deion is not without fault is this situation and as a Christian man he should at least try to work it out.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Exactly, she has to pay that 2.2M judgment along with that $400 a month in child care, not exactly sure why since she’s not working.

      • kimboo on said:

        What is she going to do? She’s too old to model, magazines want fresh faces… She’s under a scandal of this lawsuit, and no one is going to hire you because everyone does a credit check now, even McDonalds… I doubt she can even get a job as a Wal-Mart greeter. Guess she can always be a Nanny, it worked for Tiger Woods ex before she married him, and SHE became a millionaire, lol. Ya see Pilar, white women handle their business and get expensive attorneys…

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