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The murder of former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith continues with its many twists and turns as reports surface of the New Orleans Police Department investigating claims that Smith was the first person to fire his gun before getting killed.

At the heart of the claims are some witness reports and allegations that the athlete retrieved a gun from his car before he was shot and killed in a confrontation with Cardell Hayes, a notion that authorities are seriously looking at.

Talking with a source close to the investigation, WWL First News reports that detectives are working to determine definitively if allegations are true that Smith not only got his gun out of his car, but also fired at least one shot.

Hayes’ defense attorney, John Fuller, has suggested his client did not shoot Smith’s wife, Racquel and stated that ballistics testing would prove that the wounds to Racquel’s legs were not from bullets from his Hayes’ gun.

According to the source, detectives are investigating if it was actually Smith who accidentally shot his wife as she intervened to try and stop his confrontation with Hayes, who admits, through his lawyer, that he fatally shot Will Smith multiple times. Fuller stated that Hayes shot Smith in self-defense.

Police point out that Smith was partially in his SUV when he was shot seven times in the back and once in the side.

WWL notes that one of the men Smith had been eating with just before his death, Reserve Police Officer Billy Ceravolo, has now hired a lawyer amid allegations he helped put Smith’s gun back in the car after the shooting.

With that, investigators want to know if Ceravolo helped cover up the truth. As it stands now, the retired NOPD captain has been stripped of his reserve status with the department.

In addition to the NOPD, federal investigators are reportedly looking into the case and the allegations of a cover up.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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12 thoughts on “Did Will Smith Fire His Gun First and Accidentally Shoot Wife?

  1. specialt757 on said:

    Running ballistic tests on both guns will determine what gun(s) were used. It’s not that difficult. I guess I missed the part where Hayes is not being charged with shooting the wife, the original article I read had those charges. As far as the police moving evidence, doesn’t sound smart on his part, he of all people know how evidence is processed, he would be a fool to do that, one his prints would be on the weapon and if NO prints are found, it would point in someone else’s direction but only if the gun was fired at the scene.

  2. Timothy Green on said:

    If this is really what occurred & his wife & the cop moved evidence (the gun) & lied to try to cover it up, they need to both be charged with murder because that was the charge this man was facing due to their actions

  3. So after shooting his wife he turns his back on Hayes and he gets shot 7 times in the back. There will be a lot more to this but sounds funny that his friend wouldn’t shot at Hayes. I guess his wife saved Hayes life. Two Black men arguing with guns never ends peacefully

  4. Ms Curly on said:

    There are a lot of twists an turns to this story. Ballistics sure it taking a long time considering that they have both weapons.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Exactly. This would be easy to determine. The media really needs to stop trying to be the first to report garbage and start reporting actual facts/findings. This is getting sicknin’

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