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Russell Simmons sat in on “The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro” for an exclusive 2 hour interview where he dishes on Stacey Dash and her extreme right wing views, OJ Simpson being guilty, Obama not taking action soon enough and his new HBO deal.

Stacey Dash has been at the center of controversy recently. Simmons opens up about his issues with Dash. He says:

“When she wears fur to my house, I’m an animal rights person, and she sits around and she talks about guns, talks about everything I can think of that I don’t like…” He goes on to say that Dash “told her daughter, why you playing basketball, what are you gonna be, a dyke?” He continues, “I’ve known [Dash] for some time. I’ve been disappointed in her more and more.”

Stacy isn’t the only one making headlines these days. After the recent FX hit, American Crime Story, everyone is talking about the OJ Simpson case. Simmons has a unique take on it, saying, “I didn’t care if he got off.” He explains, “In fact he was guilty. I thought he was guilty.”

After talking celebs, Simmons gets political. Back in 2007 when Obama was running for office, Simmons decided to support him under the promise that Obama was going to do something about “mass incarceration.” It wasn’t until 7 years later, plus a letter from Simmons, that Obama actually took action. Simmons explains:

“I wrote a letter in 2014, that was signed by all of Hollywood, and the drug policy alliance, and all the civil rights groups and everybody you can think of.” He points out,”Justin Bieber tweeted it, and it became so pop that the president actually signed this executive order changing the way they charge first time offenders.” He takes issue with the president stating, “The problem with that to me is he could’ve done that in 2008 when he walked in the White House first day. But he waited 6 more years.”

Simmons also reacts to Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio as they deliver a tone deaf joke that plays off the racially insensitive term “CP time” aka color people time and turning it into “cautious politician time”. After viewing the clip live for the first time in The Tomorrow Show studio, Simmons says:

“I’m not going to not vote for her because of that. But I think that, you know, it was a little stupid.”

Simmons also announces his brand new HBO deal that was signed yesterday! He say:

“I made a deal [yesterday]…for a year we negotiated. I’m gonna do All Def Comedy for HBO again.” He hasn’t strayed from his comedy roots as he reminds us, “I have a comedy show at the Chinese Mann Theatre. Sold out, comedy show, every week. Def comedy.”

Simmons also discusses his thoughts on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, his friendship with Louis Farrakahn and the lack of minority talent agents and studio executives.

Watch the interview here.

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14 thoughts on “Did Stacey Dash Call Russell Simmons’ Daughter A Homophobic Slur? Is OJ Guilty? He Says Yes

  1. As for Stacey Dash….why are we even still talking about her. I thought by now everyone knows she’s primarily in the game for the money. And, personally I’m not mad at her. Make that $$ girl; because if the Fox crowd is stupid enough to believe her nonsense…..then that’s on them

  2. I’m looking forward to ‘Def Comedy.’ But Russell… are very familiar with comedy….so I don’t know why you didn’t point out that Hillary, and DeBlasio’s (act) was satire. I agree….President Obama could, and should have done something earlier in regards to trying to curtail mass incarceration

  3. Milli on said:

    Like the president had nothing better to do in 2008 but to act on Russell Simmon’s issue? There were a lot more things on the president’s plate on that first day in 2008 that took priority. Instead of complaining about how long he took to handle it – be glad that it was handled before he left office.

  4. americanize on said:

    If stacy would have said that about my daughter in my house,she would have been cused out an thrown out on her azz..Very disrepecfull.As for OJ didn,t give a shit.

  5. redbone1954 on said:

    This headline make you think that she called HIS daughter a slur. Regardless I don’t like Simmons or Dash. But for his ugly azz to sit and and say that the President could have done this when he took office where was he at in 2007 Oh I forgot he was counting his money he was not hurting like the rest of this country. Mortgage rates out of control,banks failing foreclosures businesses failing unemployment sky high and we were involved in 2 wars. And you think that all he had to do on day one was release people for unfair sentencing. First of all he didn’t make the law that did that . And I am sure that people that got released were glad it did happened at all! So Russell Simmons keep counting your money. I an’t mad at you cause you got it like that but I do not like you thinking you have all the answers. Take several seats and take Stacey with you!!!!!!!!!

    • Creole on said:

      I totally agree. He said that as if just because he wrote it the President should have made it a priority over trying to fix the economy among the many other things.

  6. ButterPecan on said:

    So Russell’s friends are allowed to disrespect him in his house. He needs to find some new friends! Everyone needs to let the OJ thing go. He was found not guilty and can’t be retried by another jury. Let it go people!

    • Butterpecan: Just a little note: If we threw away (all) of our friends (just) because we don’t agree with each other on everything….then most people wouldn’t have any friends. Even as spouses, siblings, and parents….we don’t agree on everything.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    If Ms. Dash is a long time friend of the Simmons’ family, when she said this, R. Simmons should have checked her immediately, he let her get away with it. Why speak about it now?

    One another note, who cares if OJ did it? White people? So what. GZ got away with murder AND he admitted it.

  8. These comments are crazy.not all women that play ball are that play sports and there not labeled gays.why label women.when there are many gay men in sports.but women are outing them as gay.these are little kids and to be putting labels on them so soon is really harsh.

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