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Radio and television veteran Doug Banks has died. He was 57.

The cause of death has not been released, but there is speculation that his death was due to complications from diabetes.

The Detroit native got his start doing local radio before eventually hosting his own syndicated radio show, The Doug Banks Morning Show, alongside DeDe McGuire.

In 2010, Banks’ show was relaunched on WVAZ in Chicago and could be heard in several different markets.

Celebrities have responded to his death on social media including our own Tom Joyner:

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22 thoughts on “Radio Veteran Doug Banks Dies at 57; Celebrities React on Social Media

  1. LaVonda Moore on said:

    I send my condolences to the family Doug is truly Loved & missed Rest in peace Doug and you’ve has earn ur crown in Heaven with the Lord

  2. Church Girl on said:

    I listened everyday on the ride home in Chicago. This really hurts. Feels like I lost a relative considering how long I listened to him and how much I learned about him over the years. I will definitely miss him!!! On a show last week he just said his wish would be to live to see 80. RIH Doug!!!!



  4. Roderick Speer on said:

    I use to listen to the Doug Banks Show in Augusta, Georgia for a long time. He will be missed. What will happen to radio now, I wonder will Michael Baisden come back to radio since Doug is gone.

  5. RIP, DB; one of the best radio personality. Diabetic is rapid in our community – please get check and if diagnose with it, please following procedures to survive.

  6. My heart is still sad from the news of the death of Doug Banks. I am going to miss his voice. I pray that God gives his daughters some peace during their time of loss. He is going to me missed.

  7. vernitta on said:

    I listened to Doug banks every day at work , he will be missed. My condolence goes out to his family. R I P, there will never be another.

  8. Denise on said:

    I am stunned beyond belief to hear about the passing of Doug Banks. I just listened to him last Friday and he sounded like his old self. He and his crew got me through many a day when I was stuck in grid-locked traffic. My thoughts and prayers are with his daughters and family during this time.
    RIP, Doug Banks. You will be truly missed!!

  9. What can you say? My heart is still crying! Thoughts and prayers to his Angels on earth. Irreplaceable! Resting in peace I’m sure! VHall

  10. Amber on said:

    I am shocked beyond beliefs. I was sitting here 10 mintues until his show starts and someone came in my office and told me Doug Banks gone and talking about his health. I thought they were talking about a topic on his past show and then another co worker said Doug is dead. I lost it. I am still in lost. When I came on here and saw nothing and then I google his name and there it was in black and white. He was just on the radio friday and sounded fine. Neve would have thought he would be dead today. Still in shock.

  11. specialt757 on said:

    Oh noooooo, I liked Doug Banks as a radio personality, seemed like a good dude. We don’t get his show in syndication in my area any more, but I used to listen to him on the ride home. So sad, he will be missed.

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