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Mimi Faust has found love in the form of her current boo, Chris Gould.

But for those who took a look at the couple on Monday night’s fifth season premiere of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” it was evident that Gould was not the handsome, rugged man Faust walked into the club with when they entered with a group of other folks. Instead, the person Faust called to the stage in front of her “LHHA” castmates was a woman, who ended up hugging her.

Now that Gould has become the hot topic of choice to discuss, she is opening up to Vh1 about how she and Faust became an item upon having an almost instant connection when they first saw each other.

“I met Mimi at a club through a mutual friend who had invited me out because Mimi had a booking.,” Gould shared. “I was in her VIP and after the club was over, she pulled me to the side and she was just like, ‘I find you intriguing.’ I was like, ‘Oh, OK.’ They had an after- party at Mimi’s house and at the after-party, we just kept always separating, just me and her, in conversation. It was just us two, and it kinda went from there.”

Despite Faust’s fame as a reality star, Gould confessed that she wasn’t a super fan of “LHHA” and didn’t have knowledge about Faust’s tumultuous relationship history. In addition, Gould stated that although she was aware of Faust’s infamous sex tape, she decided to watch it after she and Faust became a couple.

“I felt like I needed to see it because it was like the elephant in the room. I’m not going to lie to you, it was awkward,” Gould explained.

From there, the interview got candid as Gould touched on Faust’s romantic past with former flames Stevie J and Nikko London. While she harbored a fear of getting involved in the drama of reality TV, Gould acknowledged that she never thought things with Faust would go this far.

“I definitely didn’t want to get involved with that stuff. I’ll tell you I had a very new perspective from it. At first, I just wanted to hit,” said Gould, an Atlanta native who works as a paralegal in the city, “It kind of progressed from there. We had this connection, from the few years she spent in Atlanta as a child, we found out we grew up in the same apartment complex. You go in with one thought process and then you get to know somebody and then it kind of comes with the territory. But hell yeah, nobody wanted to deal with that craziness at all.”

Despite Faust finding someone new to love with Gould, don’t expect Stevie J to be among those in favor of the relationship. According to him, it’s all for show and not something he wants to expose their daughter to.

Nevertheless, TMZ reports that despite threating legal action, Stevie J believes he can convince Faust to see things his way.

While all this is reportedly going on, Essence points out that Stevie J could be setting himself up as a hypocrite if his hate for Faust’s new romance proves true.

“Stevie’s currently in a relationship with Joseline Hernandez, who is openly bisexual and had brief sexual encounter with Mimi Faust, which Stevie may or may not have been present for,” the publication expressed.” It seems that Stevie’s okay with Mimi having sexual relationships with women when it’s for his pleasure, but heaven forbid Mimi pursue a same-sex relationship for her own happiness. It also goes to show just what kind of person Stevie is if he’d rather his daughter see her mother unhappy, then in a loving relationship. Even if it turns out that Mimi’s relationship is just for the cameras, what kind of hypocrisy is this?”

What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Mimi Faust Debuts Girlfriend, Stevie J Taking The Hypocrite Train?

  1. First of all she wasn’t looking for validation and a story line; this would be different but unfortunately; she’s a copy cat chick that doesn’t even know herself!

    She doesn’t drastic things after a heart break; first the dry boring sex tape now she wants to be in love with a butch.

    She wants to remain valid and stay on he show; if you look at it; her story line with her, Steven and Joseline. She would have been a washed up reality show star so Mona the pimp felt compassion for her and credit the story line.

  2. I forgot to add, I used to think Jos was the worst of the worst. No more. Jos does not pretend to be someone she’s not. Mimi, on the other hand, just like Jos always said, pretends to be someone she’s not. She acts all uppity and above it all. Yet, we now know that she does the same kind of things she criticized Jos for doing.

  3. allforshow on said:

    Here we go with the dumb ish! Are you people high? I guess Joseline turned this stupid retard Faust out. With S&J being gone there is no more story-line from dumb-dumb. Talking about selling your soul to the devil. Everyone on that show can expect to burst HELL wide open. I won’t even address Stevie J’s simple-a$$, he’s too stupid to give any thought.
    Home-girl/boy Gould looks like it took that picture in a dilapidated school building in the bottoms of Mississippi. Poor trash, all of them, looking for the come up.
    When the infamous tape didn’t get Mimi the millions she thought, she had to come up with a new plan since dumb and dumber didn’t take her to L.A. YOU, Shower Curtain Mimi, are the biggest LOSER. Well one other unfortunate loser, their child. SMH in total disgust.

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