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You may have heard of ‘driving while black’ but you may not be as familiar with ‘flying while black’. According to Imani Cezanne, she was racially profiled on an American Airlines flight because of her Black Lives Matter t-shirt.

At least ten African American male fatalities including Emmett Till, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin are listed on Imani’s shirt. In a series of tweets the World Poetry Slam Champion claims the she was “…unnecessarily ejected” from the aircraft because the flight attendant felt “threatened.”

Upon the virality of Imani’s tweets, American Airlines has since released a statement which says in part, “…an unruly passenger was removed from American Eagle Flight 5192, operated by PSA Airlines, from CLT to ATL due to failure to comply with crew member instructions. The passenger refused to exit aircraft when asked, so local law enforcement was called.”

Imani says she plans to seek legal representation. According to Ebony, “…the airline has plans to “work with the customer to resolve the issue. The company also said it “values diversity and we do not discriminate for any reason.”

Check out Imani’s tweets below and let us know what you think about her situation.


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31 thoughts on “Did American Airlines Racially Profile This Woman Because Of Her Black Lives Matter T-Shirt?

  1. With respect to the author of this article, Zon D’Amour, I am disappointed and dismayed as to why your article fails to include the “facts” of this story, vice assumptions? To those wondering what caused this incident, other news outlets report Ms. Cezanne was seated in the “exit” row with 3 other passengers. Two of those passengers, sitting across the isle from her, did not speak English. When the flight attendant discovered this she informed those passengers that they would be required to sit else where because passengers sitting in the exit row MUST be able to speak English (1990 FAA regulation). Ms. Cezanne seemed to take offense to this and began discussing this issue with the passenger seated next to her. At some point the flight attendant became aware of her displeasure/offense to the other passengers being moved, which led to a “not-so-friendly” discussion. This resulted in Ms. Cezanne being told she would need to leave the aircraft. When she refused a different flight attendant spoke with her and informed her that the first flight attendant felt threatened and if she didn’t exit the aircraft the police would be called. Ms. Cezanne was removed from the flight. Her luggage however was not, and American Airlines refused to refund her money, re-book her on a separate flight and even BANNED her from the Airlines. She DOES have a case, with respect to not being re-booked and refunded her money. Her shirt, her gender, her affiliation with Black Lives Matter, her RACE/COLOR had NOTHING to do with what happened. If she honestly was “concerned” about WHY her fellow passengers were being moved, all she needed to do was politely ask the flight attendant “why”.

  2. reservejudgment on said:

    To no one’s defense, I’ve traveled for business (more than I wanted to) and pleasure at least a hundreds times, and the only thing on my mind was getting to my destinations safely and secondly, on time. Have there been rude FA and customers? HECK YES, I can’t ever remember one altercation, except for a little white kid kicking the back of my chair, had to check him, good thing for all involved, his mother didn’t act an ass. I put my bags/items away, fasten my seatbelt, put my headphones in (when directed), and proceed to chill until landing.
    What happened? Only speculations. The person giving her account doesn’t say what precipitated the events prior to being escorted off the plane, which tells a lot, reading between the lines. Are there white people who feel her shirt was offensive? Possibly, because they feel their lives matter also. They don’t get that BLM doesn’t mean WL don’t matter. Has there been a white person on a plane (at one time or another) with a confederate flag t-shirt or other paraphernalia and an African American FA been offended? Pretty sure. Was he/she asked to leave because of that, absolutely not. Something happened, we just don’t know what.

  3. blackspeak on said:

    The whole notion of “BlackLivesMatter” is absolute and utter nonsense, on its face… As long as there are young blacks slaughtering each other in the streets of America, “BlackLivesDONTMatter”, to black folks. “BlackLIvesMatter” when this carnage in the streets of America STOPS, and blacks place the highest priority on getting an education, and put down the guns and pick up a book…

    • Blackspeak: BLACKLIVESMATTER, and so does everyone elses’. So there is a place for a Black Lives Matter movement, and a movement that addresses the crimes issue. Also; are you suggesting that there are no EDUCATED Black people, and that all Black people are gun carrying crime thugs??!! You need to clarify your statement because there are tons of EDUCATED BLACK PEOPLE who aren’t, and never have been criminals. If you don’t know any…..then that tells what type of company you keep.

    • You can’t honestly be wondering how this happened. She boarded that plane with an attitude and started running her mouth. Black women are desperate for any attention people will give them. Come on Peeps, think for yourselves.

  4. Sunnyday on said:

    To Steadyb89…….THANK YOU!!! I’m sick of these young sistas coming out looking trifling. If you ain’t said nothing else today, you said that

  5. Steadyb89 on said:

    If she got on the plane with that “head rag” on,she should have been thrown off. Young ladies STOP coming out the house without combing your hair and walking around with a night cap on. And oh yeah, put on some real clothes when you leave the house, not your pajama pants and house shoes. Show you respect yourself as an African American woman and others will do the same

  6. Larry on said:

    Do you really think this racheted fool would admit on her social media site that she got on the plane running her mouth and acting the fool? If there is one thing for certain it is that black women crave attention at all costs

  7. Honestly on said:

    Those racist cave n!@@ers on the jury in simi valley had a tape of the attempted murder of Rodney King by those cave apes with badges and still the sh!t for brains neanderthal apes acquitted the savages. Cave apes don’t care about right or wrong only that they get their way. Time for the racist reign of these mayonnaise monkeys to end. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  8. justsayin' on said:

    There’s always more to the story. No person in 2016 (especially with all the race tensions we currently see) would put someone off a plane just because a shirt offended them (especially just names, tho we didn’t see the back), that’s ridiculous. Maybe this young lady was being disrespectful and was looking for a reason to be argumentative or less than polite. (maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t) but we’ve only heard one side of the story. So for now, let’s agree WE DON’T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY.

  9. Christianforreal on said:

    What actually happened on this plane? Unless we were there to witness the altercation that resulted in this young lady being asked to depart the plane, than we are all IGNORANT. That’s what ignorace means, lack of knowledge. WE have no idea what went on during that boarding of that plane. Her t-shirt MAY have played a part in her being escorted off the plane, but was that the whole picture? Let’s draw conclusions based on more information!!!

  10. whatever15 on said:

    Sue them. That’s freedom of expression and now corporations are dictating what you should wear. Get real. Sue their ass.

    • MacBen on said:

      Please cite where you are guaranteed freedom of expression. Further, explain how said freedom of expression applies to private property (the airplane), or any non-governmental agency. At most one could argue discrimination. However, that does not apply because only this singular black woman was removed as opposed to all. Bottom line, she was found to be offensive and was asked to leave. That is the same right any establishment or privately owned carrier reserves.

  11. the peter johnsons of the world are COWARDS which is why they come on-line and spew their RACIST dribble!!!!!!!!

    Web-sites are anonymous-you don’t know who that person is-you cannot see them. It is really easy to talk TRASH and be A PUSSY!!!!!

    THESE FOLKS ARE WORTHLESS TROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If a person has that much time to read a t shirt; they need some more work. I see you can’t spell either. When will you clowns find a website where what you say has some type of value to offer to someone.

      • Some people read a lot faster than others, and it’s interesting you think you are competent enough set the standard by which others choose their employment,
        Reading your response I ask you the same

  12. Honestly on said:

    Stay away from these demented cave n!@@ers. These cave apes walk around wearing charles manson and hitler tee shirts and it is called freedom of expression. A conscious thinking Nubian wears a black lives matter tee shirt and their a terrorist. These dysfunctional mayonnaise monkeys belong in a straight jacket and a cage, they are mentally, spiritually and physically f*ucked up. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  13. Another racist anti-white bigot! This POS is making up this story just like those three baboons at the University of Albany. Another hoax she invented in her mind to create more anti-white propaganda. I guarantee it!

    • You must have gotten your ASS Kicked by somebody, or they’re still kicking it. Your boss must be Black. Don’t forget to strap on your BOZO nose and floppy shoes clown boy. CHUMP FOR TRUMP. You come on this website and disrespect people you don’t know. Were you on the plane? Does she live by you? This article is a blurb of what happened as is everything else in the media.

  14. Linda on said:

    Democracy and Freedom of Speech seem to be on their way to becoming extinct in Amerykah-particularly where folks of color are concerned.

    I doubt if the airlines would’ve been just as ugly towards a REDNECK sporting their favorite t-shirt with their damn confederate flag on it!!!!!!!!!

    People need to LIVE AND LET LIVE!!!!!!!!!
    Stop with the IGNORANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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