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Ciara and Russell Wilson recently announced their engagement after dating for less than a year, and now the high-profile couple want you to know that they have no desire to protect their assets by signing a prenuptial agreement when they tie the knot sometime this spring or summer.

“Russell and Ciara aren’t going to have a prenup,” an insider tells “Even the thought of speaking such words would mean that they’re questioning their love for one another. A prenup is like a jinx. They’re not going into the marriage thinking that it won’t last. They’re diving into this full on and they don’t want bad energy clouding their marriage.”

Considering how much Ciara loves to overshare her personal business, it’s possible that when they divorce, the drama will certainly keep her name in the press, because without a prenup, Ciara can take Russell to the cleaners.

While their fans have taken to social media to congratulate the blissful couple, outspoken TV talk show queen Wendy Williams is not here for them. She shared her thoughts about their upcoming wedding ceremony to her viewers, starting off by complimenting them and comparing them to NFL star Tom Brady and his wife, model Gisele Bundchen, then using Jay Z and Beyonce as an example to describe why Ciara is “winning,” while her baby daddy, rapper Future, is losing.

“I didn’t originally think he was nice looking…”, Williams said of Wilson, adding: “But… Do you know how sometimes when you get with someone all of a sudden a person’s penny is shined up more and they look a little nicer looking?”

“A lot of you wouldn’t mess with Jay Z, but he’s with Beyonce so all of a sudden he’s nice looking,” she said. “Cause she wins… Once you get your beloved and then you get married and stuff, at least while it works, you win…,” Wendy continued.

Williams noted that Ciara’s son, Baby Future, is so young, he might not remember his father, Future. “[Russell] is the dad he’s gonna remember,” Wendy said.

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