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How do men really feel about being in a committed relationship? Do you believe that men value relationships as much as women? In this “Man Whisperer” video snippet, Deya Direct speaks to a panel of men about marriage and what they want from the women they love.


Best Selling Author, Producer and Relationship Expert Deya “Direct” Smith writes and produces commentary for your heart, mind and soul. She is also a producer for the Tom Joyner Morning Show, a motivational speaker, actress and social commentator and can be reached at

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4 thoughts on “Deya Direct: How Do Men Really Feel About Committed Relationships?

  1. Food for thought on said:

    Well that’s kind of what you’re producing when you’re trying to raise a boy to be a man in a broken home led by a woman that is irresponsible enough to lay down with men that are irresponsible. He is robbed of the gift of true Parenting by mother and a father so he’s basically left alone to try to figure that out him for himself. So what he’s left with is attention-starved women from that same non structure of a family. So spiritually and physically men and women struggle with themselves not realizing the bondage that they put themselves into. A few examples everybody has to post their body on Instagram and Facebook just to get the attention. Get long haired weave, Injecting themselives with silicone to enhance their butts and breast just to be somebody that they’re not…… this is the problem with the society and is why we can’t commit to one thing because we can’t commit to our own selves. So even in our black families when one woman have multiple babies by multiple men where’s the commitment in that so what example are you showing your children. I don’t like when women bashing men especially because you are raising them to be that way. It’s a cycle. Just like I saw on media take out the other day when there was a 8 year old birthday party when the mother hired strippers to twerk in front of the little boys so what kind of example is that. But she will be the same person to down play some man saying how irresponsible and no good he is. Not realizing in a few years her son will be that same type of man unless one day he allows God to get ahold of him.

  2. Know they don’t.especially black men.if they did they would help raise there kids and be supportive of there wife’s.summit treat his wife like an’s all about him.I think he feel like he has kids and he is trapped.they just don’t look happily married.

    • What would you do? on said:

      Adding to what food for thought said…….Open mindedly thinking ….. what is the reality and the root cause of the situation? Because when women lay down and have babies from men that are irresponsible plus she being irresponsible as well what type of society do you think that you are producing? (Two dog can make puppies but God gives us the ability to say no even in the heat of the moment). There’s going to be a shift in the structure of a family. The role of a man and a woman will change and break down that structure. Most people in this world today are raised by an example of what they have seen not what is heard. So when there is a woman trying to raise a boy into a man that is almost impossible to do also the same way a man can’t raise a girl into woman. So in other words he will grow up without a sound structure of how to be a man and how to carry himself as a man to care for a woman that he truly loves and visa versa for the girls. (Anyone can raise a person to be productive in society but mentally are they stable and well balanced?). He will grow up struggling spiritually and physically how he is supposed to be a man when the only example he’s seen is momma and what she did. Not giving men slack at some point we have to realize the breakdown with ourselves but I feel only a Godly man will truly except and be honest with himself. That will make him strong to stand in the gap for the self struggling men who think sagging pants, tats and how many thots he has makes him a man. The flip side of this is when men make this transformation and become better men and fathers stop beating us down when we make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Everything we do is a work in progress in the eyes of God so we should take that the same approach. Honestly I didn’t watch the video but from the first comment I gather the men may have been speaking from the heart and some scorned woman had to speak beside herself by reacting instead of listening.

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