Imagine Rihanna’s horror when an internet troll strolled into her mentions saying she would look better as a white woman.

The “fan” wrote, “You can call me a cracker and all that but this is undeniable proof that the whiter the more beautiful.”

See the snap below.

Of course, the superstar was not here for it and immediately blocked her.


7 thoughts on “Rihanna Blocks ‘Fan’ For Photoshopping Her Into A White Woman

  1. E. K. on said:

    Sound like she has a self hated for herself. Because if she did not she could except a person for who they are not you she think they should be.

  2. Amber on said:

    That person is NOT a “fan”. Your REAL fans want will not disrespect you. People throw the word “fan” around too freely just like the word “friend”.

  3. Kimboo on said:

    Definitely makes her look like a Vampire… and she looks better with color, we all would agree, right? Just ask all the whites that tan… they all want color!

  4. Gregory on said:

    What a narrow minded idiotic super stupid thing to say. So you want her to look like a ghost huh? Your are one dumb person, Nature made the right choice you stupid comment means nothing but how stupid you are. nature is on our side.

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