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WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans hoping to be rid of President Barack Obama will be disappointed when they hear what he told a lunch companion in Milwaukee.

Obama says he’ll stick around Washington for a couple of years after leaving office so daughter Sasha can finish high school.

Obama’s comment isn’t surprising. He hinted at that likelihood during a television interview with Barbara Walters in 2013.

But Obama sounded more definitive about it Thursday in Milwaukee. The president had lunch there with a few people who wrote to tell him how they had benefited from the Affordable Care Act health care law. Obama signed the bill into law nearly six years ago.

Obama commented during a portion of the lunch that was open to the news media. Microphones picked up his comments.


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12 thoughts on “The Obamas Won’t Leave D.C. Until Sasha Graduates

  1. LET THEM STAY!! No matter how much the ‘haters’ hate, “The Big Chief” can hold his head up and stay, because unlike Jeb’s brother, “The Big Chief’ didn’t do anything to embarrass this nation. Jeb’s brother left in a hurry, because he knew that he would get ran out of town by the residence of D.C. As a matter of fact Bill Clinton stuck around D.C. after his term was up.

  2. Total class all the way the Obama family. That’s what the haters can’t stand a strong black family. That’s something that is never promoted by the haters. So glad the Obama rise above it.

  3. incognito on said:

    EVERYONE…EVERYONE PLEASE go on YouTube and listen to Glenda Jackson and what she says about Pres. Obama!!! Listen to both Prophecies and then FAST and PRAY in agreement if you are FOR REAL about him for JESUS to bless him again! You will know what I mean once you listen to these prophecies. TRUST JESUS TO MAKE A WAY OUT OF NO WAY! BE BLESSED and pass this along to everyone you know and tell them to PRAY and FAST!!!

  4. Black Family values…Thank you POTUS & FLOTUS for being who you are…I never thought I would live to see a Black President…I LOVE it…

  5. A Good Catholic Girl on said:

    May God continue to bless this wonderful family. You”‘ve made America proud. Good luck in future endeavors.

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