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Zoe Saldana‘s last couple of days have been rough. Earlier, Twitter turned Zoe into a meme once the pictures of her dressed as Nina Simone hit the internet. This isn’t the first time this has happened, as Zoe spoke out in 2013 regarding the criticism received for receiving the role to play the iconic singer.

On Tuesday night, however, Zoe tweeted a quote by Nina Simone.

It appears as if the people behind Nina Simone’s Twitter account were not too pleased by this.

Zoe has taken seemingly nonstop criticism since 2012, when she originally accepted the role to play Nina Simone. The biopic, simply titled Nina, will be in theaters this April.

Biopic Brothers and Sisters
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7 thoughts on “Nina Simone’s Twitter Account Throws Major Shade At Zoe Saldana

  1. knowledge on said:

    That’s what Hollyweird does white wash everything. They still make the Egyptian and Hebrews white when location and time frame suggest different. Just don’t support anything from them that you know is wrong.

  2. MacBen on said:

    Lol. Blacks folk hating on other people of color. Some wonder why the white man( who is the driving force behind this project ) is still winning…

  3. Gigi on said:

    Zoe doesn’t consider herself as a black woman anyway. I have seen several articles interviews where she gets pissed about being call black or African American . Money is green, a little hypocritical . Hollywood considers her black cause she looks black sorry zoe

  4. Linda on said:

    I think the main reason why folks are pissed about this woman Zoe Saldana portraying Ms. Simone is because Hollywood chose a lighter skinned woman to play a darker skinned woman.

    Hollywood has a problem when it comes to women of color–it always has.

    What about Viola Davis or another browned skinned actress to play Miss Simone. Maybe that would have been more realistic.

    It is unfortunate that Hollywood chose to do this movie in a half-assed manner. Since was supposed to be a biographic movie- they should have considered hiring some writers of color also.

    This just goes to prove that movies about African-Americans-need to be WRITTEN/PRODUCED/DIRECTED by the same!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. They could have done a number of things to make her skin tone appear darker with fused lighting, different angles, etc. But the prosthetics and too much makeup was overkill! Why not just hire an actress with those characteristics! I’m a fan of Zoe as an actress so no shade intended.

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