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Another controversy has emerged over the police killing of a Black man. Civil rights leaders in Seattle reject the official police version of the shooting and are raising their voices in protest.

At a recent press conference, Seattle King County NAACP President Gerald Hankerson called the killing a “coldblooded murder,” the Seattle Times reports.

According to authorities, police officers were conducting surveillance Sunday afternoon. They observed what appeared to be a drug deal and identified a known felon, Che Andre Taylor, 47, with a holstered gun, the Times says.

A police dash cam video appears to show Taylor standing at the passenger door of a vehicle when officers approached him with their guns drawn. The officers are heard yelling “hands up” and ordering him to get on the ground.

The police and a civilian witness said Taylor did not follow their orders and reached for his gun, which they later recovered. Authorities said that’s when two officers opened fire. Taylor died from his gunshot wounds at Harborview Medical Center.

The Times reports that Hankerson became angry when disputing the police’s interpretation of the video. He believes it shows Taylor putting his hands in the air. But the video records Taylor’s actions from the driver’s side of the vehicle, so it’s unclear whether he tried to surrender.

“It was clear to me that they come with the intent to kill, not to arrest,” Hankerson said, according to the newspaper.

James Bible, the attorney representing Taylor’s family and the civil rights group, said at the news conference that the police are likely withholding other videos that contradict their account. He’s calling for an outside investigation, according to the Times.

The police identified the two officers involved as Michael Spaulding and Scott Miller. They are on paid administrative leave while the police investigation is ongoing.



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9 thoughts on “Seattle NAACP Leader Accuses White Cops Of ‘Coldblooded Murder’

  1. white pple love to get on and say all kinds of stupid shit , but its not there kids they are killing at a alarming rate , and when one of them kills , or does a mass killing , they say the mf has a mental problem .the funky cave man ass bastards

  2. this is a state wide problem , and it always involves a white cop, and nothing is ever done , not by the police dept , the so called justice system , or the fucked up juries they have , they are a bunch of cowards with badges . they hide behind these so called leaders that allow them to commit and get away with these terrible crimes, they are a bunch of low life lyning thugs !!!!

  3. Another criminal killed for doing criminalshit and his family and other mis-educated fools proclaim he dindu nuffin and is innocent. Shocking!

  4. reflections on said:

    They are required to kill african americans. They are honored by there brothers in blue when they kill and have special immunity contracts by there unions to get away with murder. You can not touch the violent extremist police.

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