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With Hollywood caught up in bringing back classic TV shows, it would be a no-brainer to include Good Times in the mix.

Fortunately, the original cast of the hit 1970’s series is hearing fans and taking steps to bring a film to the masses via crowd-sourcing. Leading the charge in the effort are “Good Times” stars Bern Nadette Stanis, Jimmie Walker, Ralph Carter, Jan’net Dubois and John Amos, who have all joined forces to create a Kickstarter campaign for a film based on the 1970’s show.

In a description listed on the campaign’s site, the motivation for the movie stems from a goal of providing “completion” for the curious “Good Times” fans that wonder what happened to the Evans family after they left the South Side of Chicago.

“From the day we walked off the set of Good Times, forty years ago, all we have heard is ‘When are you going to have a Good Times reunion,’” the campaign site reads. “Our audience[s] have told us they need completion. They tell us we are not finished with the first Black T.V. family show. What happened? We want to see our favorite family show back on T.V.”

While the effort is a noble one, it is being done without any assistance from Sony Pictures Television, the company holding the rights to “Good Times.” As a result, Stanis, Walker, Carter, Amos and Dubois are looking to raise $1 million for the project within the next 16 days.

At this time, nearly $4,000 has been generated from the campaign.

Needless to say, the “Good Times” crew could use some help. For more details on the campaign and to donate, click here.

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