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A photo of a mom and her twin daughters has everyone on the web repeating the old saying, “Black don’t crack.”

It all began when high-schooler Kaylan Mahomes posted a photo to Twitter on January 28, featuring her mother, herself, and her twin sister Kyla. All wearing little-to-no makeup and sleek tresses, the description “Mom, twin and me,” didn’t break down who was who.

The Indianapolis natives’ photo went viral, garnering over 19,000 retweets and the formation of their own “Mom, twin and me” Instagram page. The ladies shared a video of themselves in similar poses, but everyone is still stumped.

Many have speculated the woman in the middle is the mother, but others have determined the woman on the left might be thanks to her more professional black blazer. The twins have yet to give away the true answer.

The #BlackGirlMagic is strong in this photo challenge. Let us know your predictions in the comment section below.



Stunning Viral Photo Has Everyone Asking, Which One Is The Mom? was originally published on newsone.com

3 thoughts on “Stunning Viral Photo Has Everyone Asking, Which One Is The Mom?

  1. Rosco P Coaltrain on said:

    Wrong Lisa – The Mom is the one on the right in both photos shown. I’m a photog and can clearly see the Mom is one on the right. But even I have to admit that they are very beautiful ladies and Momma is simply blessed with that youthful look. But just so you can see for yourself look at the top of the woman’s head on the right in the first photo. Is that a touch of gray in the middle by the roots? Yep!! Plus Momma is driving. They surely need a contract.

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