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Go head on Mr. Neville!

Aaron Neville of the famed soul/funk group The Neville Brothers turned 75-years-old on January 24, 2016 and in the process put many young men to shame with a gym snap that had many questioning his age.

Neville shared the photo below and was quickly inundated with comments about his youthful appearance:


He also wrote on Facebook:

Who would have thought –years ago– that I’d still be alive?

God watched over me, kept me safe, and I made it to seventy five.

When I did things to hurt myself, God would make me whole. Each time He’d wipe away my transgressions and cleanse my soul. He held my hand through some deep, dark days, holding a lantern to light my way.

I remember praying from the bowels of hell and He picked me up every time I fell. Angels watched over me when I put my soul in hock. God was there to set me free. He had the key to that lock. He untangled the barbed wire that blocked my path. He pulled me from the streets’ treacherous path.

Many who ran beside me ventured far and wide. We had different destinations. Some fell by the wayside.

There must be a reason for me to have survived, I guess someone up there likes me. I made it to seventy-five! Amen.

So what’s your excuse for not going to the gym?

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10 thoughts on “Aaron Neville is 75… and Fine! [PHOTO]

  1. Timekeeeper on said:

    Happy Birthday Aaron. To those too young to remember his first big hit was a song way, way back in the day called “Tell it Like it Is” Google it, the words still resonate even to this day!

  2. VANDER BREWER on said:

    Happy Birthday Aaron. Looking good my brother. One of the world’s Greatest Singers. Glory be to The Most High as you yourself acknowledged. Job 42: 12a. Anyone who’s read about Aaron knows he was Out There from his own words. The Most High Blessed and Blesses. So Mote It Be

  3. Khmboo on said:

    I agree, this is what happens when you don’t drink hard liquor, don’t smoke, and have God in your life! Definitely sexier than any 75 y/o I know 🙂

    • RENO2AC on said:

      In his case, this is what happens when you STOP drinking, smoking, using drugs, and put God in your life. Dang…75 never looked so good!

  4. OMG I had no idea Aaron Neville was that old–he sure does look good for his age!!!!

    Black don’t crack if we take care of ourselves and do not abuse our bodies!!!!!!

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