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PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — Actress Gabrielle Union is taking aim at Stacey Dash after the Fox News contributor last week questioned the BET channel’s existence.

When asked about Dash’s comments at the Sundance Film Festival premiere of “The Birth of a Nation” on Monday, Union first replied, “Who’s that? Who’s Stacey Dash? Is she like related to Dame Dash? Was she on Roc-A-Fella (Records)?”

Union said the BET Awards remain necessary because of the lack of diversity in mainstream awards.

“The more that we focus on inclusion and a true representation of this country, I think that crazy lady will have less to say,” Union said of Dash.

Union has a TV series on BET called “Being Mary Jane.”

Dash’s comments stemmed from a “Fox & Friends” interview last week when she was asked about the lack of black nominees for Academy Awards. The former “Clueless” star said people need to make up their minds between segregation and integration, “and if we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the (NAACP) Image Awards, where you’re only rewarded if you’re black.”

Dash then wrote on her website that BET lies to American blacks by telling them the rest of America is racist. “And they’re absolutely mortified that someone like me — an independent-thinking black woman — dares call their bluff.”

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24 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union: ‘Who’s Stacey Dash?’

  1. Well God bless her. She’s entitled to her views, however, when making blanket statements like this, she really needs to say that it’s her opinion and that she does not speak for the entire Black race. She certainly doesn’t speak for me.

  2. Just Sayin on said:

    Wait I’m still laughing PEOPLE called this D list can’t act former model a “prominent actress” by BET standards! hahahahaha Wait didn’t her NBA Miami Heat BF now hubby get his side chick pregnant while on “break” and WE ALL SAID SHE WAS CRAZY????? Gabby go sit down…

  3. I guess while she’s up there talking she doesn’t realize that she would not be there unless Black people fought like hell and died for her to be in that seat. Whew, girl bye!

  4. Yes Celebrities are notorious for ignorant brainless comments latest Danny DeVito, and this BoB character looks like it comes from both ends of the spectrum

  5. Solution for everyone who doesn’t like her or her opinions, turn of Fox news and don’t respond to her ignorance. She is not talking to or for the majority of the black community anyway. If she really feels this way fine, but I doubt it. She is not as clueless as you think, I wonder how much they pay her.

    • Cokes: Her Net Worth online is listed as 8 Million $$$. Like I have previously commented….no doubt the girl is in it for the money. Like her or not; she’s making money off of rhetoric.

  6. Jacqueline on said:

    Gabby is right.that dash woman is a sellout.looks like trip paid her to open her mouth.gabby talks with some sense.dash she’s not to bright.

    • Beeg1984 on said:

      OK, what part of this article did you not understand or did you even read it. She only said Stacy Dash? In other words, Gabrielle Union got a hit show on BET and Stacy suggest that BET should shut down.. Really…

      • I understood the article quite well… Again, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

  7. Khmboo on said:

    Our country was founded on racism, and everyone knows it…. It’s not going away, and the more each generation teaches or shows the generation after them, the longer it exists…. Once we live as those on the series STAR TREK, is when racism will truly end… It won’t matter if your white, black, green, or have tentacles… We will be sharing our world with other beings, and fighting for survival of the human race

  8. Precious Spence on said:

    Williaml you are one retarted ignorant ass, anyone who profess that racism doesn’t exist is probably white or retarted coon. You need to explain black should wake up and smell the coffee. I already know what your dumb ass is referring to

  9. williaml on said:

    Everybody is Hating Stacey Dash because she is a Republican.
    Stacey has been despised since she made it known that is not a Democrat.
    If All Blacks would wake up and smell the coffee, we would be much better off.

    • FannyLouHamer on said:

      I don’t care if Stacey is a republican. She is entitled to her comments, and we are free to respond. I believe she throws more shade at African Americans as a whole, while we haven’t done anything to her. I don’t even mind her making her paper by hating on African Americans, but we are free to respond.

      • Stacy Dash much like Raven Simmons makes inflammatory statements to offend and keep people talking, which they are within their rights to do and we are within our rights yo respond. Gabrielle Union despite the address of her glass house (we all have stuff) has been in several movies over tge years since Dash disappeared and is currently on a show, married to a current, popular ball player she doesn’t have to make offensive statements in the media to creat relevancy, SHE already is.

  10. We all know Stacy Dash is an ignorant, unintelligent woman who forgets where she got her start. Black American needs to ignore her comments and stop writing articles about the controversy she starts. This is what she wants so she can obtain high ratings. Stop giving her attention and she will go away. Fox will have no use for her if she has no audience.

    • specialt757 on said:

      I 100% agree Nick, perhaps if we stopped reacting to what Ms. Dash says FOX won’t have an audience and both will go away. As long as we feed the animals they will keep coming.

    • Nick: Her audience are the people who watch Fox News, and believe her rhetoric. Her commentary is geared towards ‘Far’ Right’ conservatives. Her comments are not geared towards people that don’t watch Fox; nor believe the nonsense she is spewing

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