Chances of Bobby Shmurda’s bail being lower than the $2 million its set at were halted as a judge denied the rapper’s request for a reduction in his bail on Tuesday (Jan. 19).

TMZ reports that Shmurda’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, believe the high bail may be the reason why they haven’t made much progress in court. . The judge’s denial comes a month and a half after Shmurda’s family unsuccessfully tried to bail him out using their property as collateral.

Speaking with the judge, Spiro said the original estimation of Shmurda’s net worth was grossly exaggerated to be $20 million. Truth is, according to Spiro, Shmurda’s net worth is closer to $427,000. As a result, Spiro added that bail should be set between $50,000 -100,000.

Despite the judge’s denial, Spiro stated that even they have to request Shmurda’s bail to be lowered 55 times, they won’t stop trying. The denial is the latest development to occur regarding’s Shmurda’s situation. The rapper has been locked up since December 2014 for conspiracy to commit murder.

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(Photo Source: Bobby Shmurda Instagram)

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