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R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea “Drea” Kelly has revealed that she’s starring in a reality TV show that will center around her and her three children, Robert Kelly Jr., 13, aspiring singer Joann Kelly, 17, and 15-year-old transsexual daughter Jaya, aka Jay.


The former VH1 “Hollywood Exes” star shared the news in an interview with ‘Today With Dre,’ saying: “I’m working on my own show now. It’s about Drea’s world and everything that goes on in my world. Being mom, being a brand, and managing three children, the move to ATL, and looking for love.”

Drea and R. Kelly got divorced in 2009 after nearly 13 years of marriage. She was reportedly paid $50 million as part of the divorce settlement from the King of R&B. Drea made her public debut in 2012 in the reality series “Hollywood Exes,” and later starred in her first featured film, “Before ‘I Do.”

In 2014, Kelly married 36-year-old barber and R&B singer Brian Mckee, whom she divorced after two months of marriage once discovering he was having an affair. That same year, she spoke to VH1 about how she and her family were adjusting to her teen daughter coming out as a transgender boy.

“All I can say about Jay is he makes it so easy to be a proud mom. For parents, we need to realize, [our kids] have their own journey. Parents get it wrong when they don’t support their children. They have to go out and fight every day and face this world. The first battle should not be at home.”

She continued:

“I think that a lot of children in the LGBT community don’t succeed because the one thing they need the most is foundation. I just tell Jay all the time, baby you won the war. You’re gonna have a lot of battles but you won the war. Mama accepts and loves you for who you are. Your family does. My dad is a retired military naval officer and all he said was, “I’m gonna mess up sometimes and [use the feminine pronoun] ’she’ but I’m gonna eventually get the ’he’ thing. Just give grandpa some time. I’m gonna get it dude.” That was it.”

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