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Our homes are shelter from the storms. If there is chaos and unrest in your home, begin with this prayer when you return tonight.  Our homes are the place in which we regroup rest and find peace. It is within the walls we find the ability to recharge our batteries from the day’s demands. A few moments in prayer to prayer for that place that shelters us from the storms of life can only serve to help us and strengthen us.

Many of us work from home. If that is true for you than you can use this prayer as a beginning to your day. Home is also the place in which we have love unconditional. When we have relatives that pass on we say that they are going home. We must never forget that we are just pilgrims n this journey that we have a home that is other than this physical realm but the emotional and soul filled meaning of home.

Bless this home with Your love and peace. May we have as Christ loves the assembly. Strengthen their bond and commitment to one another. May we respect and follow your leading as the shepherd of this household. Let this place be a model to of your love. Fill these rooms with Your joy and laughter. Let these be great halls of learning of Your truth and grace. Let Your glory shine through these windows to the neighbors. May their kind words and consideration for others draw many into Your kingdom. So we bless our home with length of days and years till the setting of the sun. Bless this family richly in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.”

Effective family life does not just happen; it is the result of deliberate intention, determination, and practice.

May you be on your way to a happy and healthy home today.


A Prayer For Home was originally published on elev8.com

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One thought on “A Prayer For Home

  1. Insomemaze on said:

    We should all listen to the voice artist Amos Spencer read from GOD’S BOOK THE BIBLE. He reads “THE CREATION” on Youtube.It will bring peace to your Holiday Season. Peace

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