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The new year is upon us and a lot of us are going to be detoxing our bodies, our minds, our lives and our homes, but what about our hair? Yes, your hair could use a detox, too! Myself and natural hairstylist Aeleise J. of HairLoveArtStudio have partnered up for a revolutionary 30 day hair detox.

We’ve partnered together because there’s an epidemic of dry hair happening even when people are doing all the “right” things to their hair. Our intention is to explore simple techniques that lead to proper hydration. For 30 straight days we’re asking participants to forgo the use of coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil and Eco Styler. We’re also asking that participants forgo the use of any products that have these items listed in the first five ingredients on the product label.

We don’t think coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil and Eco Styler are inherently bad, but we want to end the abuse of them.

So check out the 9 reasons you should detox your curls in 2016:

1. You think oils and “the butters” moisturize your curls.

It’s simple: water=moisture and oil=sealant. According to The Science of Black Hair, written by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, “Oils are hydrophobic or ‘water fearing’ substances that repel moisture. If you use oils without a moisturizer or before one, the oil will deter moisture from entering the hair strand and lead to eventual dryness.” So please stop with the oils and butters. They are actually not helping your hair moisture ministry.

2. You only use coconut oil and/or shea butter to moisturize your curls.

According to The Science of Black Hair, “moisturization, or hydration, is a primary characteristic of water. Water is a universal moisturizer. Good moisturizers will always contain water as a first ingredient.” Oil and butter are not the holy grail so again, please use sparingly.

3. You have a serious case of buildup on your hair. 

Hair buildup is one of the main reasons we’re actually doing this curl-changing challenge. The overuse and abuse of coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil and Eco Styler lead to heavy buildup. Not only are these products contributing to buildup but the absence of clarifying shampoo in your hair regimen could also be be a factor, in addition to the layers and layers of product piled up on the hair. When the hair is not properly clarified these products remain on the hair, resulting in buildup along with a continual cycle of shampooing and moisturizing dry, dull hair.

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2 thoughts on “9 Reasons To Detox Your Curls In 2016

  1. Who made The Science of Black Hair, written by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, the expert on Black hair? Just because you put the word science in the title doesn’t mean the contents are based on science. The comments are premised as if Blacks don’t have the sense to moisturize their hair. Before the chemicals that the hairdressers want to load Blacks hair with were developed in the labs, natural resources made by the Creator were used for our consumption, hair, body, etc. Maybe the salons aren’t as profitable with Blacks discovering their natural hair and appreciating it and getting off the hair crack (relaxers); knowing we don’t have to meet the European standard of straight hair, which is awful to our natural hair. Our hair is naturally beautiful, unfortunately we’ve been conditioned to think that unless is meets certain standards it doesn’t look good. Why not propose a break from the weave and chemicals? Really? Blacks, we should embrace who we truly are and let the salons find another way to make a profit, like maybe honoring Black’s hair in its natural state.

    • The author, me, is actually natural. The reason why I wrote this and other pieces is because there is a ton of misinformation being shared. I’m actually in beauty school and I’m being mentored by an experience professional and the science is there. Relaxer is a personal chose and I have chosen to craft my niche in proper natural hair care.

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