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NFL legend Deion Sanders and his ex-wife Pilar Sanders were in the headlines for years over their divorce drama.

Now Deion is making headlines with he and Pilar’s two sons Shilo and Shedeur over reportedly kicking them out on Christmas after returning home from a trip to New Orleans with their mom with their ears pierced.

Read the boys’ allegations below:

Two days after posting the allegations above, Shilo Sanders went back on Instagram to let everyone know his mother has nothing to do with this drama:

What do you think about the boys using social media to air out their grievances?

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34 thoughts on “Deion Sanders’ Youngest Sons Blast Him for Kicking Them Out on Christmas

  1. Say what! on said:

    First of all, what PROOF do we have that this occured? if it did happen, keep your business in your family. Also, how old are these kids? If they are 18, sorry but your parents are NOT obligated to let you stay in their home. It is now a choice and privilege, NOT an obligation. I would not kick my kids out of my house either however my kids know it is by CHOICE and NOT obligation for me to let them stay with me.


  3. That school is not doing a thing for their grammar and spelling. Sound like some uneducated fools sorry to say, but maybe they should try public school.

  4. Elizabeth on said:

    Boys are acting immature because they have been taught to act like crybabies. They knew dad said “No” but asked mom. Now making mom look like she took them to New Orleans and let them do whatever they wanted. Social media is not the place to whine about your family. Deion seems a bit childish himself if he sends the boys without clothes and bare feet to make a point to their mother. None of our business whatever they got going on. Those children look well fed and cared for.

  5. No matter what never, never kick your children’s out of their house. After all who turn them into brats? Now because they disobey you you want to kick them out. That’s not cool at all.

  6. Most people are just looking at the children and their fault, but doesn’t the dad have two large diamond earrings in his ear. Having money and resources doesn’t mean that it will resolve all real family issues. Apparently there are issues within that blended family. If he’s concerned about the school policy then they can just take off the earrings when they’re in school. Earrings are not worth losing relationships in your family. Its senseless. The dad has to be the adult and resolve this issue. Stop looking at their money as if that solves issues. And all the issues are not about the children some of it has to do with the dad. At least they have their mother.

    • Char, Dieon is a grown man paying and working and paying his own bills. They are children so I do not expect them to have the same things as daddy IF he say they can not have it at that moment. My mother wore make up but I could not wear makeup until I was a certain age in her house. THAT WAS HER RULE. It does NOT matter that my mother was wearing it. She had the job and was paying the bills and was the PARENT who was providing. That mother gave Dion the blues and it seems she did it because she knows he did not want that to happen at this time.

    • specialt757 on said:

      “…the dad have two large diamond earrings in his ear.” And you know how he got them? He worked for them. He is an adult and didn’t have to ask mommy and daddy for them. He’s the bread winner, the one with the amazing talent that God blessed him with. When his kids are of legal age of majority and can fend for themselves, then they can do as they please. You’re not an adult until you’re (1) 18 y.o. AND (2) you can take care of yourself and don’t depend on mommy and daddy or “the system” for assistance.
      You’re right however, money does not solve this kind of issue. I haven’t heard Deion respond to his sons’ accusations and I hope he never does, it’s not our business in the first place.

  7. The devil sure is busy! These kids are spoiled brats that are playing their parents against one another. Their older brother said Deion didn’t want them to get earrings because it went against their school’s policy.

    So what did they do? Went to the other unsuspecting parent who has a major ax to grind with Deion caused she lost in court.

    Your dad worked his ass off to make sure you had a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food on the table and the best education…yet you don’t know the difference between “our” and “are.” Truth told, that’s all he really “owes” you.

    You think missing a Christmas present is the end of the world? Try being the kid of missing PARENTS!

    You have more than most and instead of being focused on “getting,” try to give. And STOP

    • What did Dion do to you? You act as if he did something personally to you. Sound more like you are jealous of him. He may think the same about you if he knew you.

  8. Timekeeeper on said:

    It is obvious that those two little brats knew they were wrong. They were looking for some comfort from those willing to take their side which they hope somehow will ease their conscious. Which is the reason why they took to this social media in the first place. and as usual, you can always find a few that will go along with your nonsense.

  9. It would be natural for them to use social media, their dad has them on that reality show that is highly staged! Prime Time in all his glory!

  10. He should show by example. If he were not wearing those big as* diamonds in his ears, his son,s would not think about doing it. I have 2 sons, they did not get their ears pierced until they were adults. They did not see their father wearing earrings in his ears either. Deion acts like a child. How can he expect his children to act any different??

  11. specialt757 on said:

    Unfortunately, I ask my daughter the same thing, because I say the same about her. It’s not from me or her dad. However, she believes she SHOULD get EVERYTHING she wants, which I’ve been saying for years is not a good thing. Although we are a long way from having DS money, she still believes she should have everything which breeds “BRAT” type behavior.
    Bottom line, in this case, this should not be played out on social media for the whole world to view and comment. It’s a personal matter that should have remained that way.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      It is obvious that those two little brats knew they were wrong. They were looking for some comfort from those willing to take their side which they hope somehow will ease their conscious. Which is the reason why they took to this social media in the first place. and as usual, you can always find a few that will go along with your nonsense.

  12. Michael O on said:

    Maybe they asked him in the past to get their ears pierced and he told them no and they went behind his back and lied to their mom and said dad said we can do it. You have to set a tone with your kids or they will keep playing both parents.

    • I agree, it had NOTHIING to do with the ear piercing….just look at DS ears, and those huge diamonds he sports on the air when he’s giving commentary. Anywho… It’s the parents lashing out at each other again, and now putting the kids in the middle. He knows, just like any mother, who has carried a child and given birth…will go ape if you put her children out! It’s more than the ear piercing…..

  13. specialt757 on said:

    Kudos to those who saw these IG post for exactly what they were. These two brats obviously are so self-centered and self-absorbed they can’t see the forest for the trees. Social media is not the place, but like in today’s style/fashion, putting your business out there is the thing to do. How ungrateful these kids are to their father, shame on them. They need to thank their lucky stars they have a dad (and mom also) who takes the time to be a real parent and not their friend. GTFU!
    They better take a look at those who didn’t or don’t (K. Lamar and others) have this kind of parenting and lives they lived as kids and ask their dad for forgiveness. Damn brats.

  14. dietlime on said:

    Live and die in the media. If you do not like what your parent are doing just blast them on media to make yourself feel good. I bet they put all the good things he does for them like paying for the trip to New Orleans

  15. Timekeeeper on said:

    Well, a little black male hate before the end of the year, eh!!?. This is not about Deion trying to be a perfect parent, no one is for that matter. And the fact that it is Christmas doesn’t mean you take the day off as being a father either. Pillar went ahead and told those boys to do something she knew Deon didn’t approve of. And they ( like most children) enjoy pitting parents against one another. This isn’t new or unusual. Pillar is and will probably always be angry at Deion for not winning against him in court. She will obviously use any means necessary, including her children to try showing him up.
    Deion put his foot down, Christmas or not to let them pissy boys know he is their father whether Pillar poisoned their little minds or not. Something bitter ex wives do all of the time, I might add so let’s not pretend otherwise.
    Fathers continue to get the dirty end of the stick which is obvious by some of these inflammatory posts against him, but he is still their father. Which means he gets to discipline them his way, and not yours.
    Being a father is becoming more and more a thankless position, bot God bless fathers anyhow!

  16. Douglas on said:

    Co-parenting is a copout.

    Yes it is better than no-parenting, but maybe God set it up for marriage, supposed to be for life, or at least until the children are raised?

  17. Unfortunately, social media is this generations culture. They have to use social media to express their feelings because they don’t know how to have a conversation face to face.

  18. Wow…apparently, Deion does need to look at himself as a parent, father, and a friend to his boys. This is your blood, and no matter what’s going on between you and the mother, you should never let it trickle down to your children. So what, they got their ears pierced, with a consenting adult. That’s wonderful, which is what you want! This means, the lines of communication are still open with the mom, and apparently destroyed with the dad. Come on DS, it’s enough that you dragged Pilar through the mud, but dude…you wanted her, and made her give up her modeling career to be with you, and raise your off-spring. For that alone, you owe her the world. But this isn’t about the divorce, this is about your relationship with your child on Christmas! Damn it man…

  19. It seems like Deion tries to portray this perfect father and never takes blame for his own failures. He should take some tips from Tracy on how to co-parent.

  20. Timothy Green on said:

    …… Venting out family issues on social media ….uhmmm folks will do anything for attention these days, social media IS NOT THE PLACE, to vent your families personal probems

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