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As the holiday shopping window closes, options are becoming scarce but that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. There are still a lot of amazing toys for kids and adults that–as of this writing– are still available. Some of them have even have deals like free shipping or value-packed bundles of other items.

The following list shows the kid’s toy followed by a grown-up equivalent for the anxious, impatient child in us all.

Girl Scouts Oven

Price: $59.99 ($44.99 on sale for the holidays)

Remember the Holly Hobby ovens from back in the day? The Girl Scouts have designed an oven for kids that’s way safer and easier to use. The best thing about it, you can make your favorite Girl Scout cookies so you don’t have to wait until  the annual cookie sale to get your hands on some.

June Smart Oven

Price: $149.95

Microwave ovens have come a long way over the years. They went from devices to warm up left-overs to machines that allow you to check on your food with a cellphone. That’s the case with June. Put in anything you want to cook and the oven will scan and weigh it and June will suggest the best setting to prepare it. The smart oven also has a built-in camera that lets you check on your food while it’s cooking so you no longer have to stop the process by opening the door. June isn’t just an expensive popcorn popper, you can bake, broil and everything else besides fry in it. June is available to pre-order now through the official website.

Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Price: $64.99

V-Tech had its share of problems this year but their Kidizoom Smartwatch DX is so cool, it’s worth keeping on the holiday must-have gift list. It’s the closest thing a kid can have to the real thing, but it’s more than half the price of an adult one, is specifically for kids and is tough as nails. The best deal is the bundle where if you buy a Nintendo DX, you can get one of the previous models (the original Kidizoom Smartwatch) for twenty bucks. If you’re still concerned about the reported data leaks, just create a separate email address just for the watch. It won’t cost you a dime.

Samsung Gear S2

Price: $249.99

I’m a huge advocate for smartwatches in the parenting arsenal. They’re invaluable when it comes to chasing the kids and running errands. At home, you can leave your phone hooked up to the charger and still be able to see  texts and emails without having to run back and forth. The Gear S2 also lets you switch out the wristband and change the watchface to a custom one. Put in a little time searching the net and you’ll even find watchfaces that mimic some of your favorite luxury watches. You’ll be ready to wave it side to side the next time Mase’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems” comes on the radio, if you know what I mean.

Pajama Dance Party Cabbage Patch Kid

Price: $26.24

If you’re old enough to remember, Cabbage Patch Kids were the equivalent to this year’s hoverboards except they didn’t burst into flames. The adorable tots are back with dance moves to the late, great James Brown’s “I Feel Good.” It’s a welcomed break from Nae Nae mania but if your kid insists, it also dances to any other music you play.

Michelle Obama Fashion Doll: Inaugural Ball

Price: $129.99

As the flyest FLOTUS the country has seen since Jackie Onassis, Michelle Obama was captured in her inaugural outfit by master doll creator Ashton Drake. The detail is incredibly realistic (yes, that is a picture of the DOLL) and shows off every feature we love about Michelle. This beats out one of those framed photos from the mall any day.

Kurio Android Smartphone for Kids

Price: $128

For parents who need to stay in touch with kids but aren’t ready to invest in a pricey smartphone, the Kurio Touch is a sure bet. It’s a phone made especially for children and it’s loaded with features that you probably didn’t even know you needed, like website filtering of questionable content.

Samsung S6 Edge Plus

Price: $779.99 (New customers get $200 back if they activate the Samsung Pay feature between now and January 20, 2016)

The iPhone’s biggest competitor has been the smartphones coming out through Samsung’s S series. Their most recent Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has been kept the battle alive with a stylish design and a big screen size without going overboard. Yes, it’s a big phone and it’s not the right fit for everyone but to its credit, the slimmer width keeps it from being a struggle to hold and the strong computing power makes up for the large size. 

Kidz Gear Bluetooth Headphones

Price: $49.99 (With free shipping for the holiday)

Kidz Gear must’ve gotten a lot of feedback about their previous headphone release since they’ve come out with a wireless pair of their headset for kids. Wires and kids don’t mix well so Kidz Gear ditched the cable to let the young ones move around without a cord knocking over their juice or wrapping around their necks. The included boom mic is now detachable for when your little music lover isn’t using it.

Blue Lola Headphones

Price: $249.99

Arguably the best sounding headphones you’ll be able to get for the price, LOLA is aimed at music lovers that want to hear every subtle note in a song without paying the hefty price audiophile headphones demand. LOLA is lightweight, comfortable and comes with a cable that allows remote control of iOS devices. They also don’t look like something you’d wear to land a plane either.


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 Larry Hester is a Brooklyn-born writer who’s written for Vibe,, The Source, Complex and more. He now resides in Newark, New Jersey with his wife and son. He welcomes any parenting advice or encouragement. Check him out on Facebook and Twitter @almostcooldad.