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Roland Martin talks to attorney Ben Crump and Mrs. Jannie Ligons, the grandmother who was the first woman to report Daniel Holtzclaw, in this exclusive interview on News One Now and the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Listen to the powerful interview above to hear Mrs. Ligons retell the story of her encounter with Daniel Holtzclaw, share the feelings she had during the trial and much more.

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(Photo Credit: AP/Press Photo)

26 thoughts on “Brave Grandmother from the OKC Rape Case: ‘I Was Praying to the Lord, Please Don’t Let This Man Kill Me’

    • She still livin with chu? How bt the bf u get to entertain while she runs off with other males?
      Don’t worry ma, she’s done told mesure she tell other people if she told me u know.
      But yslla ain’t gotcha place to live ofur own she say while back y’all getting MUNNNEYMUNNNEY MUNNEYYYY ca$hin they shit in.
      She was all happy i said if u do do dat, oklahoma city gone own yo azz,u be a slavery again. Like incesters, i tode her they gone make u der biatch. No do dat

  1. “I kept looking at that gun on the side of his holster” – can you just imagine the fear she was experiencing? I hope he gets the same exact treatment he showed all these black women! There was no media out cry because the media is white owned and could care less about the life and/or lives of down & out black women


    • plazzyt on said:

      So since you got this figured out,, lol. How do think the confessed liars should be punished? Maybe they should get what they accused an innocent man of doing? No I don’t think so. These 13 women were manipulated by a retiring white detective who – in 30 years- had achieved no accomplishments.

      • N naww, oklahoma pain they bills to. All dem women sept da 1 hoo ain’t hear LEGALLY. Flo all wackd n worried she gon get drport.
        I tell tht ho k np she ain’t.

        Anyways don’t chall forget wt yous ws sayin hear.

        O hope u don’t regret ir ether

  3. Timekeeeper on said:

    One more thing. This case is 10x worse than the Cosby case but the media is all over that. You dont have to be a brain surgeon to know why they buried this story. As someone has already said, the media is racist in their own right. And people have the nerve to get angry at Black Lives Matter! Well, not only black lives but black women’s lives matter too!!

  4. Timekeeeper on said:

    Jesse, special, graham, you are all on point. Robert must have smoked an 8 ball when he wrote that slice of nonsense. Some people ( too many for my taste) will find any excuse they can to flame this president.

  5. I agree with special 757, when it was Bill Cosby or the types of victims that it was alleged he attack they coming out of the woodworks; Now where is Fox, Buress, ABC, and the rest.

  6. specialt757 on said:

    I agree Graham, our prez speaks for all, if he spoke out on every issue there is in America he wouldn’t have time to do his job. It should be the mainstream media that Robert spoke of to bring national attention to this, the same way they did when it was Dr. Cosby. Oh yeah, these women were black and we all know your life doesn’t mean a thing, unless you’re white or there’s a “big fish” involved.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    As this woman stated, he ran into the wrong one that night. Holtzclaw obviously thought he was invincible and couldn’t be touched. Goes to show, you can’t keep doing the wrong thing and think you won’t get caught. Eventually, you will have to pay for your “crime(s)”. No one is above the law. Thank God for her strength to speak up, one person can make the difference.

    • Tht funnyiest i b hearing the things she say,
      I no tht ho web ffrends fr yrs naw. She say was not a criminal blubber blubber ws laffing my azz off we bote b criminal. But ne since. Nth highland, wat sposed we gts to the end
      Do whatcha got do, do wt it takes-
      I no she fi gots get means i np she sick of slingin sshit, hoo ain’t

  8. @Robert, what difference does it make abt the Pres. not commenting. we don’t need him to agree or comment on everything that is scum, if he did then ppl will say he’s outspoken for black women.. Sit you azz down and find something worth getting attention for your bs comments, Black and Proud Pres. and open for all race, can’t you tell he speaks for all..

    • You can curse all you want to, but this so call president only speak out about things that effect, men, gays, Muslims and whites, anybody with a brain can see. Typical black folks always making accuses for this half black man.

  9. Robert Whisnant on said:

    I can understand why the national major news outlets ignored this story (ABC,CBS NBC, CNN) because they are racist in their own right. But what I woild like to know is, our African American President and his First Lady had nothing to say about this Police Officer. Here’s a President who claims to champion womens rights, oh it just must be white womens rights. Yeah!

  10. They better put Holtzclaw in “solitary confinement” and not in General population. The brothas will have a field day with his azz!!!!!

      • Lou jones on said:

        The animal intimidated and preyed on those who he thought nobody would care about . After he was found guilty he cried like the little bitch that he is . Bubba is going take good care of the thuggish bitch .

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