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Dear Tom,

My Christmas wish is for my son and me.  This will be our third Christmas with no Christmas tree and no gifts.   I’m a single mom, and the last few years have been very tough for me and my 14 year-old son.   He is a home schooled because I don’t have a car and I work from home doing freelance writing and cleaning neighbors’ homes at times.

Please, my Christmas wish is that you would give us a Walmart gift card to shop for clothing, food and maybe even a Christmas tree this year.  Walmart is my son’s favorite place to go, and it’s my favorite store in this entire world.   It would be a dream come true to go with a gift card to buy underwear, socks and other much needed clothing for my growing teenager.

He really wants a Play Station 4 for Christmas and 2 video games that happen to be at Walmart, so this would be a dream come true for me to surprise him and tell him we are going on a shopping spree.

Aside from that, I cannot begin to tell you how I’ve neglected myself as a mother.  I have no pajamas and my bras have holes in them…’s embarrassing to talk about, but it is the honest truth.  The only pair of jeans I have, now have holes by the zipper and they are more than 7 years-old.   I can really use a Walmart make over!

Also, it would also be nice to finally purchase a decent amount of groceries so that I could give my son a real Christmas dinner this year.   Please, I humbly ask and beg for you to grant my Christmas wish.

A mother in Miami who just wants to bring in a miracle this year for her son.

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