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Prior to being a popular trio with a worldwide fanbase, Destiny’s Child was a foursome that included Beyoncé, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and former member Farrah Franklin.

While Beyoncé stated to TRL’s Carson Daly that Franklin’s exit came from a group decision made that was made after she skipped several shows, Franklin paints a different picture.

In an interview with VladTV, the 34-year-old singer confessed that her former groupmates were not the reason things started falling apart with Destiny’s Child. According to Franklin, it was the group’s manager Mathew Knowles who was responsible for her exit in 2000 after a six-month stint..

Franklin goes on to detail a group meeting that took place with her and the other Destiny’s Child members. Although she was open to discussing her issues, Franklin admitted that she felt like she was being attacked during the meeting and, as a result, decided it was time to leave Destiny’s Child.

As for claims of her being kicked out because she missed shows and appearance, Franklin denies it, saying that no member of Destiny’s Child and/or management was responsible for her departure from the group.

“I came back from being very, very, very sick and nobody, anyone was showing concern at all except for Michelle,” Franklin said, adding that she still managed to work despite ignoring doctor’s orders. “I was just getting kicked and punched around and I was already dehydrated and when I went into the room for us to have a group conversation, it was like everyone started ganging up on me, everyone has something to say. I’m like ‘Ok, I’m not about to do this.’”

“Ultimately, it was management, he did get kind of loud…,” she said, alluding to Knowles. “It’s not a way you would want somebody treating your 18-year-old daughter, fresh out of the hospital from stomach flu and dehydration.”

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3 thoughts on “Farrah Franklin Says Mathew Knowles Is The Reason She Quit Destiny’s Child

  1. A Good Catholic Girl on said:

    Of course Matthew Knowles wanted to “legally” rid the group of “real” singers while he pushed his no-singing daughter to stardom.

  2. Khmboo on said:

    Well, not to choose sides…but let’s just say Mr. Knowles, is getting everything that HE deserves! My first instinct is maybe he was philandering around with one of the young girls in the group? He seems attracted and invested in young women; while his beautiful wife of 30+ years was holding him down.

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