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Twenty-year old Jewell Jones was like a lot of students the University of Michigan-Dearborn – ambitious, eager to make his mark on the world and committed to getting his education to make that happen. But unlike most of his fellow students, Jones has taken a huge step to making that  happen before graduation. He ran a successful campaign to join the Inskter City Council and is now the youngest ever City Councilman the city has ever had.

The political science and finance dual major has certainly put his classroom lessons to work thus far. Now a junior, Jones told The Michigan Journal that he plans to graduate with his class in 2017. After working on two local campaigns including the one for Sen. David Knezek and Inkster Mayor Hilliard Hampton, Jones said he was inspired to run himself, although he told the Journal he has no other politicians in his family.

“I was at different political conventions, including a conference in Washington D.C., and they were discussing being more active in your community,” Jones told the Journal.  “So when the election rolled around and the seat was open, I figured this is the right thing to do.”

You can congratulate Jones via his Facebook page HERE.

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