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WARNING: ‘Zola’ story contains explicit violence, sex and language.

A few days ago a woman named Aziah Wells wrote a story. Instead of self-publishing, King shared her story on Twitter, using the 140 characters or less restriction to tell her tales via multiple tweets.

The recap of the “adventures” of two Detroit women, Zola and Jessica, Black and white, who bonded over both being dancers after meeting in a Michigan Hooters and ended up “trapping” or prostituting down in Florida accompanied by a pimp and Jessica’s boyfriend, set Twitter afire, drawing the attention of the media, filmmakers, and celebrities.

King is now fielding deals and offers from a variety of outlets. Although the story sounds unbelievable, only a portion of it was made up.

The Washington Post reported extensively on the story behind the story and found that most of the eye-popping account is true. King, who has apparently married and is now pregnant, has insisted that most of the story is factual and that while reviewing offers, she has a merchandise line on the way. She also says she’s already been approached by the producers of Bad Girls Club but had to decline because of her pregnancy.

Read the entire story on Twitter HERE. 

Read The Washington Post story HERE. 

To keep up with updates from Aziah herself, click HERE. 

So is this a story you’d pay to see on the screen? Or is it glorifying bad choices and a stripper lifestyle?

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