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On Tuesday night, Sheriff Leon Lott indicated that he would do as much by saying “The video is pretty explicit and speaks for itself” after I asked him which way he was leaning.

Lott said the officer used excessive force.

“There’s techniques that we’re taught. There’s pressure points. There’s other things that you use. It’s called, ‘pain compliance.’ And throwing someone across the room is not ‘pain compliance,’ and that’s not something that we teach.”

Sheriff Lott said it wasn’t the take down or the flipping of the desk that was excessive.

He says it was the losing of contact with the student when he dragged her across the floor that was over the top.

Officer Fields’ attorney released a statement yesterday which reads, “First and foremost, Mr. Ben Fields would like to acknowledge and personally thank all of those who have offered their support of his actions during Monday’s incident that occurred at Spring Valley High School. The positive response and heartfelt support of Ben has been overwhelming.

We believe that Mr. Fields’ actions were justified and lawful throughout the circumstances of which he was confronted during this incident. To that extent, we believe that Mr. Fields’ actions were carried out professionally and at that he was performing his job duties within the legal threshold.

Mr. Fields welcomes the opportunity to address the particulars at the appropriate time. However, since this matter is presently under investigation with federal authorities, he is respectfully declining to make a statement at this time.

Until such time, there will be no further public comments from Mr. Fields or on his behalf.

On Tuesday I spoke with the other student who was arrested and who also videotaped the incident.

Niya Kenny says when she spoke up for the student who was pulled out of the chair, the officer threatened her.


“He said you got something you want to say?  You want some of this too?  And I was like no and put my hands behind my back.”

Several students in the class are supporting Officer Fields, as do the administrator and the teacher.

The sheriff who fired the officer says the student brought it on herself because she should have just complied.

He said, “We must not lose sight that this whole incident started by this student. She is responsible for initiating this action.”


“This incident started with a very disruptive student in class. This student was not allowing the teacher to teach and not allowing the students to learn. She was very disruptive, disrespectful and she started this whole incident with her action.”

The student’s attorney claims her arm is in a cast and she has a head injury.

For those who are wondering why we haven’t heard from the student.

She is in foster care and officials are not allowing her nor her foster parents to speak at the moment.

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16 thoughts on “Don Lemon: Sheriff Fires School Officer But Says Student Brought It On Herself

  1. F*&K U don lemon , for being a sell out , did you not see the film ? this man bench pressed 400/500 lbs there was no reason to treat her like he did. he acted like a cave man . and he should have been fired because the situation could have been handled a whole lot better. he has been doing this and getting away with it, this is the first time it was filmed and reported . the nerve of you !!!! we cant stick together for s%&T.

  2. Go on and cut this future welfare recipient a settlement check because the expectations are always lower when a white officer is involved. EVERY parent I talked to said they would have put a foot in their child’s azzz if she/he disrupted a class over a stupid cell phone when classmates were begging her to leave or hand it over. My mother used to preach to us constantly pick your battles very carefully if she had to leave her job tired as shigady to deal with our ignorance! I listened to the illiterate sounding NAACP Pres on CNN (Wolf crafted every question to sound racist against the officer NEVER saying she was dead wrong)! My teen sister was killed getting off a school bus in E St. Louis! ALL of us were devastated but do you think my mother allowed us to use the grief as an excuse to be fools???? My daughters told me the other day as much as they questioned my “military” discipline I did my job as a single mother! One of the funniest lines when my daughter won a Seventeen mag contest promoting B more was when I used to show up at her school! She wrote “My mom’s car headlights said to me you’re going to get it now!” She wrote she forgot she was potty trained! lmaooooo

  3. Ross Proctor on said:

    No child should go through that kind of treatment. Don Lemon must not be a parent. Anyone who says the child brought it on herself I have little respect for. What if it was his child would he say the sam? If he has children I pray the mom is stronger than him.

  4. David Davis on said:

    Anybody who thinks that it is okay for a grown man to handle a female child in this manner is as sick and disturbed as this cop. The child may have been disobedient but she didn’t appear to be combative. Field’s actions are evident that he harbors some disdain for the people he is supposed to be serving. By comparison, the S. Carolina church shooter (murderer) when arrested was taken through a McDonald’s drive-thru because he told deputies he was hungry. There is great disparity in the way certain groups are policed.

    • As a very strict military disciplined single mother ALL my friends etc have been asking my opinion on this and what would I have done if it were my daughters whom both graduated from excellent B more schools (Arts Hs and all girls Western)? I reply “Wouldn’t have happened because my daughters know all the h@ I went through hating my gov’ment DC job, begging for child support, having medical disabilities that ruined my career they be not have me traveling to their schools because they disrupted a class over a d@ cell phone!” And guess what we had cell phone drama years ago! She kept her d@ mouth shut obeyed the teachers class went smoothly and I brought h@ down when I got to the school!!! Stop coddling these kids because you’re setting them up for failure in life……oh my teen sis was killed getting off a school bus E. St. Louis and we were devastated but my mother didn’t let us use it as an excuse for failure/bad behavior!

  5. I am more mad at the teacher and administrator who stood by and said nothing. They could have said, yes, we called you off icier meany, but we can’t allow you to toss the child around like a rag doll and break her neck….they should have stepped in.

    • My E. St. Louis HS Lincoln (home of the VERY talented Olympian Jackie Joyner Kersee) was shut down due to all the violence against teachers etc. So stop pretending these little angels aren’t dangerous and some schools need access to police! My bro was almost beat to death East Side HS because he was too d@ smart and had no desire to be a thug! I always tell him, he’s a Mizzou grad while I bet all of them who broke his arm etc are on death row somewhere!! These kids need caring parents not excuses

    • I saw a video of one punching a substitute teacher in the classroom. When she realized he was too afraid to hit her back, she really went to town on his ass. If I’m not mistaken, he never came back. It happens more than people realize, the more these “kids” realize that they can’t be controlled, the more we’ll see it. The lunatics are running the asylum.

  6. Don you are such a punk. You make me sick. We don’t need to see what happened before the video started. We saw all we needed to see by the videosprovided . Nothing that girl did warranted that kind of treatment. I felt like I was watching the rock lay the smack down on one of his opponents. That’s completely unacceptable. Fire his bitch ass. A girl though?????? Broken arm!!!!!! And possible rib and shoulder injuries. No. He is a thug who needs to be jailed.

  7. Timothy Green on said:

    That little girls inappropriate behavior DID NOT justify the brutal methods used against her, if this officer couldnt control this situation better than he did then he definitely doesnt need to be an officer

  8. redbone1954 on said:

    According to the other girl who was arrested for speaking up and her attorney the young lady has a broken arm???? Too much force I think so and i don’t give a damn what she did or did not do

      • Timothy Green on said:

        It’ll be hard to find out what her injuries really are now that lawyers & the possibly fraudulent doctors they use are involved, they’ll turn minor soreness into a permanent disability according to their diagnosis, at the end of the day they were both wrong, idiot cop allowed his foolish actions to make himself far more wrong

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