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Roland Martin talks to Attorney Daryl Parks about the shooting death of Corey Jones, the Florida man who was killed by a plain clothes police after approaching him in an unmarked 15 seat passenger van. Parks is part of the legal team along with Attorney Benjamin Crump.

“It’s three o’clock in the morning. The cop never shows Corey a badge when he shoots him. In West Palm Beach they are continuing to rally. The sheriff wants to bring in the FBI and it gets even stranger. The cop calls this in on his cell phone and not on the radio,” Jones said.

Does Florida’s Stand Your Ground law work in this case?

“Stand Your Ground also extends to your vehicle. Corey had every right to stand his ground.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.


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16 thoughts on “Attorney Daryl Parks On Shooting Death Of Corey Jones: ‘He Had Every Right to Stand His Ground’

    • But you don’t know the cop. So in actuality, you don’t have a clue about what he did, was thinking or what really happened. How does anyone know the cop never showed Corey a badge? No one beside Corey and the cop were there. He needs to admit his fear got the best of him and face the consequences of his actions. Because I swear, if I were alone on a dark side street, and someone approached me in plain clothes and told me they were a cop, no way would I just take their word for it. If I had a firearm, I would let it be known that I had it. And if this is what Mr. Jones did, I completely understand. This cop should have rolled on down the street and called for uniforms, if he thought Mr. Jones was “up to no good”. I think he panicked when he saw the gun. This is just sad.

  1. Honestly on said:

    Brother Corey didn’t have his gun when this cop murdered him. The thug with a badge found the gun in the car after he killed him. This so called peace officer will not confess this fact. Brother Corey is free the rest of us had better fight for the lives GOD has bestowed us or die needlessly at the hands of these racist cops.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    It may not have been a “hate” crime, but Mr. no uniform, no badge wearing, non-identifying cop sure didn’t seem to hesitate before firing his weapon. Wonder if he would have been so quick to pull the trigger if Mr. Jones were white.
    Right on the money TK, that officer has already told “his truth”, and he’s going to carry it to his grave.

  3. I totally agree with Mr. Jones’s family. I don’t think this was racially motivated. I also think that the officer should have approached Mr. Jones while out of uniform period. If he were investigating a stolen vehicle, he should have called for uniformed officers to investigate. Just because someone approaches you and says they are police does not mean you should trust them. Especially in that situation. This officer got spooked at the site of a gun, and Mr. Jones was apprehensive about being approached by a stranger on the side of the road. Mr. Jones did nothing wrong. I would have done the same thing. But the officer jumped to conclusions and let his fear get the best of him. He should just tell the truth and face the consequences of his actions. But I see no racially motivated hate crime. My heart bleeds for his family. They obviously loved him very much. May the Lord give them strength.

  4. If black people start buying guns in massive numbers, maybe these unjustified, racist shootings will cease; because it will be an “eye for an eye” defense.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    I notice a loud SILENCE from our resident black folks’ haters when it comes to this Corey Jones case. Guess they can’t find anything to criticize him about.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Indeed. The trolls only come out when there is some trickery they want to spit out. Plus, most of them are out buying their KKK costumes for Halloween. Word is their all on backorder ’cause the department stores have sold so many this year they have run out.

  6. specialt757 on said:

    Y’all on ON POINT!!! We can obtain guns legally, we just can’t use them to defend ourselves. Now that’s that bullshit! This cop will never be convicted, hell he’s not even being charged!

  7. The so called “Stand Your Ground” law does not apply to people of color-just as the Bill of Rights and the Constitution do not APPLY TO US!!!!

    We cannot STAND OUR GROUND-we are still expected to bow/scrape for the White folks!!!!!

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. The stand your ground law was never intended for people of color. It was drafted so they could kill US!!

  8. Candice on said:

    “Stand Your Ground also extends to your vehicle. Corey had every right to stand his ground.”

    He sure did, but he happened to be a black male with a gun. And as we all know, gun rights in America do not extend to black males.

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