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New information about Lamar Odom‘s binger in a Las Vegas brothel has been released at the same time as a dramatic change in his condition is being reported.

BuzzFeed News has obtained the warrant police used to search the Bunny Love Ranch where Lamar was found unconscious last week. Head over to the site to see the official document. It appears one of the women Lamar was spending time with told the cops he might have been snorting coke in the bathroom.

“He possibly ingested cocaine in the bathroom adjoining in the bedroom.” The detective said, “They indicated that they heard him snorting.”

The police also don’t believe the pills Lamar took were the over the counter sexual enhancements they originally thought, but rather something Lamar brought with him. A witness claims he was taking an “unknown substance in the form of an unidentified pill, which he obtained from his pocket in a plastic bag that was unmarked.

We reported that Khloe is standing by Lamar Odom during his recovery process, and the two even rekindled their marriage, putting their divorce on hold for now. But Khloe and Lamar have a long road ahead of them, as Lamar had two emergency surgeries involving his chest that have put the former NBA player in “a fragile mental state.”

However, this news didn’t stop comedian Chris Rock from tweeting a joke about Lamar:

It’s not all entirely bad though, as numerous fans are hitting up Khloe and Lam-Lam in support, even offering their kidneys to the former championship-winning player. Some fans have gone so far as to send their name, blood type, and phone number over social media in order to give up their organs.

Others, however, want money – offering kidneys from $25K to as much as $100K. It was previously reported that Lamar may need a kidney transplant in the upcoming months.

SOURCE: TMZ, BuzzFeed, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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2 thoughts on “‘Fragile’ Lamar Odom Undergoes More Surgery, Fans Respond In The Kindest Way Ever

  1. Poor Lamar I read the untalented sex tape empire producers are trying to figure out how to exploit “the stalker”some more for ratings!! When he dropped the divorce I knew a grave will soon follow!! Great articles in the LA Times (Plasckhe LOVE him in ESPNs Around the Horn) and NY Daily Post (Lisa Stasi)). These untalented black widows have ruined the careers of some talented men. James Harden kiss a bible you got dumped! hahahaha Liza Morales hire a lawyer and secure the kid’s future before they put the final nail in Lamar’s coffin! Chris Rock (great on Empire) your Lamar tweet was dead on funny as shigady (Huggieeeeeeee hahahaha)! The Bunny Ranch owner is in the same sex biz as the Ks..exploiting the naive and stupid (he leaked info like the Ks do to THEIR MEDIA)……praying for Lamar and his kids!

  2. I hope every MALE WHO HAS HEARD ABOUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO LAMAR fully understand that if you go to the Love Ranch South and something happens there the Owner will TELL ALL I MEAN ALL OF YOUR BUSINESS cuz clearly they even gave copies of Receipt and a lot of the things they DISCLOSED did not have to be released to the public. The OWNER RUNS HIS MOUTH LIKE DIARRHEA

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