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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian have decided to stay married as the former NBA star continues his recovery a week after he was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel.

Kardashian’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, filed a petition Wednesday to dismiss the reality star’s divorce filing from December 2013. A clerk granted the request in such a way that the divorce papers can be refiled at a later date.

The document doesn’t state a reason for the change but shows Odom signed off on dismissing the divorce Tuesday.

Kardashian has been by Odom’s side since he was found in extremely critical condition Oct. 13 at the Love Ranch brothel in the rural community of Crystal, Nevada, and hospitalized in Las Vegas. He regained consciousness Friday and was transported to Los Angeles on Monday.

Kardashian posted a statement to her website Monday saying Odom made “incredible strides” at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas and thanking the doctors and nurses “for their kindness and diligent work.”

The hospital and Odom’s relatives have not revealed his prognosis, but the family has hinted at a long road ahead, saying they realize his “continued improvement” won’t be easy.

The brothel said workers saw him drink alcohol and take supplements sold as “herbal Viagra.” The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning in 2013 against one brand he took, Reload, after it was found to contain sildenafil, the active ingredient in prescription Viagra.

He also told at least one of the women that he had done cocaine, but the brothel says it did not see him take any drugs.

Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof has said that Odom arrived Oct. 10 for a four-day stay and spent $75,000 on two women who accompanied him in a VIP suite.

Test results from blood samples obtained through a warrant still are pending, and authorities have not ruled out the possibility of taking action against the brothel or Odom.


AP Entertainment Writer Anthony McCartney contributed to this article.

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12 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Call Off Divorce

  1. pac4me on said:

    Whatever Khloe’s reasons for canceling the divorce – I applaud her – women have been and will continue to be the one’s who do the nurturing, the healing, the standing by their man and if it works for her, why hate on her? This will certainly help him on his long road to full recovery. As for the $75,000 he spent, it was his money and the women in the brothel are probably a lot safer than some one he casually knows.

  2. People ARE A JOKE CUZ AS SICK AS LAMAR is if Khloe didn’t stand by him then WHO cuz he probably wouldn’t even get the proper medical attention he needs being a BLACK MAN and furthermore from what I understand LAMAR when he signed the divorce papers DID NOT DISINHERIT KHLOE from his money or HIS INSURANCE POLICY WHICH THEY SAY HE HAS SEVERAL. Khloe would get a third and his kids two thirds so if she Never decided to get back to him she will inherit Lamars money anyway cuz HE WANTED Her to have it. Jealousy is so UGLY. WENDY WILLIAMS IS THE BIGGEST HATER OF ALL WHO NEEDS TO WORRY ABOUT HER OWN DRUG ADDICTED SON

  3. pink4utonite on said:

    A death scare will make anyone reconsider their life and hopefully, put what’s important into the proper perspective. He is lucky to have someone who cares deeply for him. I notice she did leave it open to re-file it later. Smart cookie. Hope he don’t mess this up.

  4. I hope she is doing this out of love for Lamar and wants to make sure he receives quality care while he is recovering. I’m not sure he has anyone else that would be by his side under these circumstances. Now with that being said, if this mess shows up on keeping up with the Kardashians, this would definitely be a brand new low for network television and man kind!

  5. If Khloe is staying with Lamar for his $$$$ she may be in for a rude awakening.
    He spent 75k at a whorehouse and has smoked up who knows how much Crack.

    When he fully recovers, he should consider rehab and getting his life back on track.

  6. I hope her intentions is good but I am suspious. These Kardashians are media seekers and I also wonder if this is out of guilt for the that aired that made Lamar upset. This is more time to get more shows and get more $$$$$.

  7. psnthersdec on said:

    I would not be back with him as a wife I would be there as a friend. After he has done everything with those women for all of those days he would not have sex with me. If she had been there with a lot of men like that he would not take her back.

    • Khmboo on said:

      I agree, he was doing his thing, spending $75,000 in a brothel for the weekend, cause it’s his way of relaxing and taking a break from life? No one takes a break from life….That’s more than anyone of us makes in a year, and here he is a high-roller spending that much in a weekend. Didn’t know he had that type of cash flow, in which he just spent the college fund for one his children. Guess he’s up on his child support, but not for long with all of these medical bills that are about to pile up. Most people go to their therapist, and maybe a secluded place for refuge….not a brothel. I say Khloe…RUN!

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