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Actress Gabrielle Union sat down with TODAY’s Hoda Kotb to talk about the new season of Being Mary Jane and discussed the first year of marriage to NBA player Dwayne Wade.



She also opens up about her desire to have biological children, her struggles with fertility and IVF.

Watch below:

Being Mary Jane returns to BET Tuesday, Oct. 20 with a two hour season premiere at 9pm EST.

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(Photo/Video Source: The Today Show)

5 thoughts on “[WATCH] Gabrielle Union Opens Up About Struggles With Fertility, Says Waking Up To Dwayne Wade Is ‘Hot’

  1. I don’t know why she felt the need to divulge her infertility issues. In this day where people are,apt to give you way too much information, it would have been better had she said, my desire is have a child. End of the discussion about the womb watch and move on to somethin else.

  2. Karen Day on said:

    well, if she wants to be baby mama number 3…..that’s what she wants. It’s an awful feeling when a woman can’t have a baby even if you really don’t want one. The Being Mary Jane episodes with her struggle to have a baby is real, she plays the part from her heart.

  3. Please STOP HATING and just be happy for her. This is what wrong with America always Hating. You are probably dealing with someone or had someone cheat on your ass!!!!!

  4. Why does she want to be Baby Mama number 3? I understand the desire to want children, but I don’t want children with a man that cheated on his first wife with me and left her and took the children, then cheated on me and had a baby with his side chick. I know you are all going to say no no no that he had already left his wife and she was crazy prior to Gabrielle. However, I have seen this in my current friends before and it has come out that there was an affair going on before the break up. The first wife was just too fragile and weak to handle Dwayne’s ass. Gabrielle can fool herself into thinking the side chick was only with Dwayne during their”taking a break” phase if she wants too, however anyone with an ounce of common sense knows better. He doesn’t even practice safe sex. But I guess all I can say is too each his own.

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