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Jacque Reid talks to love, sex and relationships expert Spirit, about the benefits of not having sex in a romantic relationship.

Benefits of celibacy:

“Once you take sexual intimacy off the table, it allows you to focus on really to get to know each other in very different ways.”

What can you do that doesn’t include sex:

“It depends on the two people. It’s really an agreement. When you’re in love with somebody and you have not had sex with one another, you don’t need to be alone with them. You want to be clear on what it is that you’re doing.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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One thought on “Are There Any Benefits Of Celibacy? Relationship Expert Tells All

  1. Jazzii in GSO on said:

    Jacque seems to be a very intelligent lady, so why is the only thing she can to talk about of substance is “SEX” related. Does she need some. She a powerful platform that should be use to address more relevant issues to us and society, i.e. sexual harassment, domestic violence, rape, single moms/parents fighting to get support money from deadbeats and other topics I can name. But, I tied of hearing her talk about sex every time she is on TJMS. Tom & Jay can’t you two find someone for her so she can get over this.

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