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Iyanla: Fix My Life starts off this season with its most controversial stories yet – this time, there are two gay pastors who choose Iyanla’s show as their vehicle to come out. It was initially supposed to be three but the third pastor wasn’t ready to go public. One pastor is married with children and the other is single.

“One is no longer pastoring a church and the other is pastoring but hadn’t really spoken about it.” Vanzant says. “The focus is not on their being gay. The focus is on these ministers who are leading God’s people are not standing in the truth and why they’re not standing in the truth and what happens when someone is living a lie. The suffering they experience and the suffering they cause.

As they expressed it, they felt they would condemned and judged by the church. The reason why they weren’t living their truth is because they feared reprisal in the church. You know this a long-standing issue in the Black church – lining up in the theology when it doesn’t fit who you are. They just happened to be gay. It could be those who are not loyal in their marriages. It could be those who are not being honest with their finances. It’s really about living a lie and they are an example to all of us.”

Vanzant also takes on the surprising story of former Olympian ice skater Debi Thomas. Although she became an orthopedic surgeon after her Olympic triumph, as one of the first and only African-Americans in ice skating to reach that level, Thomas has struggled. She is now living in a women’s shelter.

“What happened was fame and fortune isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. When you have issues that aren’t addressed, fame and fortune doesn’t help you with them. When she didn’t get the gold she didn’t feel as she had any value whatsoever and as an orthopedic surgeon, she couldn’t fit into the system and line up with the requirements and ended up losing her license.”

As for what makes Vanzant so popular that people seek our her counsel on television, Vanzant says that one of the big things is that she doesn’t judge.

“I tell the truth, I don’t judge people and I don’t want anything from them. I provide them a space to tell the truth where I don’t judge them. But I’m not going to allow you or indulge you in the very thing that’s destroying you.”

Even Vanzant shakes her head at some things, though. The story of the two brothers who attempted to kill their parents is making news and her take on it is an interesting one.

“We live in a society where people either have to be totally successful or totally crazy for anybody to pay you attention. If you’re in that marginal area where there are some challenges and some issues, but you’re not a danger to yourself or others in the moment, then you are totally ignored. There are a lot of young people who have emotional, physical, psychological imbalances but they can spell their name and tie their shoe, so they are ignored. Do you know who many marginal, unseen, unheard people are in our society? And that’s why they’re calling me. These young men had issues that either their parents ignored or didn’t see or the school didn’t see it.  You don’t wake up one morning and say ‘I’m going to kill my mama.’

Does nutrition play a role? Vanzant believes it does.

“God didn’t make anything without a seed,” Vanzant says. “What is happening to the children…and the adults? If food was created to nurture and nourish our bodies what’s happening to our bodies when those foods are genetically engineered or chemically made? If you look at the increase in cancer, diabetes, all sorts of learning disabilities….I do believe that is has to do with how we eat and how we live.”

Iyanla: Fix My Life begins its all-new season on Saturday, September 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on OWN.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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16 thoughts on “‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ Debuts With The Coming Out Of Two Gay Pastors [WATCH]

  1. Can Tom Joiner get someone “educated or not” to proofread the “spelling and grammar” of this and many other articles? Simple spell check isn’t enough, grammar should be important! This article and it’s error is an abomination. I agree with Anne’s opinion!

  2. It doesn’t take much to be a reverend. It actually takes about $50 and 30 minutes online. If they didn’t attend an accredited school of divinity and graduated, they know not of what they speak. LOL!

  3. In truth, just about everything we do in an abomination. Homosexuality is just easier for Christians to judge because it’s more obvious and makes them uncomfortable. The loudest protestors are most likely on the Highway to Hell themselves by overlooking the main commandment. Love. That’s it. Or have you already given up all your money and belongings to the needy…? Didn’t think so. Forget that part? If you’re gonna rigidly follow something, follow all of it.

    • Your argument doesn’t hold water because it is impossible to be a perfect human being. So, we all sin and fall short. I think the real issue is, you were given the ability to think and reason. So, most of us know when something is not right or godly. So it isn’t so much whether we adhere to all of the principles in the bible, but whether we familiarize ourselves with what is written in the bible and make our greatest effort to be more God-like. The Pastors in the story I think realize that their behaviors are not right and therein lies the problem for them-guilt.

  4. it’s not about judging one it’s about what the Bible says about homosexuality and the Word of God says it is an abomination an abomination means the Word of God simply I shouldn’t say simply the word of God the pass homosexuals and the act of homosexuality the Word of God says it’s an abomination so it doesn’t really matter what one says that’s exactly what it is so you can take it as you choose and pastures ministers bishops and anyone that stands behind the pulpit and teach men and women of God knowing that your life is not in compliance with the Word of God then yes I judge you how can you live with another man or live with another woman and your life is not in order so it’s not about you it’s about what the Word of God says so every pastor every Bishop every elder every Reverend every Minister every evangelist every a missionary that stands on God’s Word supposably and do your own thing you need to have integrity in the body of Christ and step down and get your life in order because you could hide it from the congregation but one person you can’t hide it from is almighty God so stop lying to yourself and stop lying to the congregation all over this nation and step down and get yourself in order God did not make a mistake when he made woman and man he didn’t make transgenders he didn’t make a man to think he’s a woman or a woman that think their men if you’re in the body of Christ than understand the Word of God and govern yourself accordingly with his word you can fake it and shake it we all have to give an account for herself so what is your account

    • Dear Anne, what makes you so sure God didn’t create transgenderism, homosexuality, and other sexualities. Who are you to say what God created. I know one thing for sure, you didn’t make or created anybody. If you have any children, you were used as a vessel to bring them through. People should stop being so quick to say what God did or didn’t do. That’s all I got to say at this time.

    • Anne can say it because The Bible, GOD’s Word, says GOD made them male and female; not lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. If you were born w/male parts, you’re a male. If you were born w/girl parts, you’re a girl (no matter how you ‘feel’ on the inside) and yes I know some will say some were born w/both parts (that’s different and not what we’re commenting on). The problem is in the society that we live in today, most people no longer have respect for The Bible and it’s validity. People believe it’s fallible and no longer consider being lgbtq and fornication, adultery, gossiping, stealing, lying or anything else that The Bible says is sin as sin. The whole basis for needing Jesus is that we are sinners needing to be saved. If a gay ‘pastor’ stands in the pulpit and no longer believes that lifestyle is sin, that person is no longer going to be able to preach The Gospel so people can be saved. I have heard so many people, and yes some who say they are Christians, say The Bible is outdated and all Christians need to get w/the times. Getting w/the times would be going against God and I urge everyone who believes The Word to stand and not give in to those thoughts. And it’s not ridged. The reason there is so much lawlessness in the land now is because people don’t want to follow The Word of The Lord. For most Christians, a lot of the disdain is that those who identify as lgbtq say God made them that way and we just don’t agree w/that and that’s ok. The Word is very clear about marriage and those other sins but man, yet again, is making an attempt to reduce God to their level to validate their sin. Man is questioning God; they are not questioning Christians. Believe what you will………it’s between you and Jesus.
      For the record I’m a Christian w/a gay nephew who is legally married to a man. Do I support the lifestyle? Not at all and they know that. Am I embarrassed by them? No at all; I absolutely love them both however I would rather stand w/God on this side so I can stand w/Him on the other side (please forgive any typos).

  5. There is nothing new under the sun. There have always been gay pastors… But there has NOT always been social media and talk shows to gain fame!!!!

    Kim K got rich from a video performance, maybe those pastors will get rich too! Iyanla is a hot mess! 😀😀. Stay tuned!

  6. my word I don’t understand a pastor of what what doctrine is he preaching to his congregation they can not impossibly B the Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelation his lifestyle is an abomination and an actuality if you look at any religion and I’m not a religious person but if you look at any religion I have not seen any religion yet from Buddhism to Islam that condones what he is doing or even take out the time to make a remark

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