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I am a newly diagnosed diabetic put on insulin and an oral, my hba1c was 15.6 and my sugars were in the 300s. I am overwhelmed. What should be my first steps?

You’re going to have to lose weight! Start with these simple tips. 1. No more sodas – period – and drink water. It’s a great appetite suppressant as well as being the healthiest of options. 2. Learn to pace when you walk and talk. Click here for more details. 

How dose sugar affect stress? My doctor says the sugar substitutes are very bad for weight loss. 

Your doc’s right, but that’s not the entire story. Sugar substitutes are in fact better than sugar, but too much of those can cause problems as well. The relationship to stress involves the downstream development of diabetes and hypertension. Accept the challenge – get your sugar naturally through grapes instead of cakes! Good luck!

Is it possible to get off blood pressure medicine?

Yes! That’s actually the goal for many. If you engage in sufficient exercise and changes to your diet, you can forego medication. Good luck!

Good morning, Dr. Sterling, my question has to deal with fried foods – I fry everything! How can I train myself to like baked foods?

Let me challenge you to become a better cook. You can make your food just as tasty grilling or baking and by using herbs and spices instead of so much salt. Your taste buds become used to any food if you eat it often enough!

Are those BMI charts really accurate? I feel like they should be updated, especially for African Americans.

The BMI serves a purpose and are very effective as guidelines. Your doctor will interpret them in the context of your personal traits, including race. It’s certainly better than not knowing! Thanks for the question, and good luck!

Dr. Sterling, what is the most amazing story in your book that shows a fool-hearted action? What is the strangest thing you have seen in the ER?

I treat, not judge! I wouldn’t call things fool-hearted, but the chapter “Now That’s Some Bull” does speak to some rather odd choices people make. Furthermore “When the Sex Lasts for More than Four Hours” follows that same theme. Thanks for the question!

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