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After Power caused tremors on the television front, 50 Cent was got critical acclaim from TV pundits. With everyone feverishly itching for a Season 3 release, 50 has been slapped with a lawsuit claiming that he stole the concept of the show.

According to TMZ, Larry Johnson is suing 50 Cent for $200 million for stealing his idea and flipping it into a show of his own. Johnson, the plaintiff, wrote a manuscript in 2005 titled Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid and handed it over to Nikki Turner. Johnson accused Turner— who worked for both 50 and G-Unit Books— of letting 50 read the manuscript and allowing him to flip the concept for his own use.

Johnson claims that the main character in his story is a crooked drug dealer gone good and that his character also owns a night club, which obviously resembles the character of Ghost— played by Omari Hardwick on the show.

50 has yet to respond to this lawsuit, but we’ll keep you posted on any new information.

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