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Up to 73% of women complain of lower-back pain and report that they have less sex as a result of this discomfort. According to NIH, Black women are two to three times more likely than white women to have part of the lower spine slip out of place, causing chronic back pain. This pain often impedes sexual activity making positioning difficult and uncomfortable. In addition to having chronic back pain, not being able to physically connect with a partner can cause stress in relationships that spill over into other areas.

Common risk factors for back pain include getting older where back pain usually begins during the 30-40 year old age range. Poor physical fitness is also a factor, as people who do not a maintain a somewhat active lifestyle are more prone to have back pain (read: sitting at a desk or computer throughout the day and coming home to sit and watch television until bed). Being overweight is also a common factor for those suffering from back pain, as weight can stress the spine. Heredity and disease are factors to consider when back pain becomes an issue as well since some types of arthritis and cancers cause pain in the back.

Be aware that other factors that affect your back, such as smoking and strenuous work, can put you at risk for back pain due to the nutrient deficiency caused by smoking or the physicality of over using /under using your spinal column and surrounding muscles appropriately.

If you suffer from chronic back pain there are a few variations to sexual positioning that you can try to alleviate the pain, while still engaging in intimate relations with your partner.

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