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Rev. Al Sharpton reminds people that Hurricane Katrina was a man made disaster in light of the 10th anniversary of the tragedy that hit the city of New Orleans in 2005.

“We’ve seen the black businesses not restored. The black banks not restored. In many ways we ought to commit to restoring and rebuilding what was lost in its total. It’s a lot better than it was but it is not anything that it should be,” Sharpton said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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10 thoughts on “‘Katrina Was A Man Made Disaster, Not An Act of God’- Rev. Al Sharpton

  1. MacBen on said:

    Goddamn ya’ll are stupid! If this kind of weak-minded crap is in the DNA there’s no wonder why our ancestors were slaves.

  2. Enrique on said:

    Most of the people commenting and actually agreeing with the self named Rev. Al (towana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse emeritus) need to look up some facts. Quit blaming white people for your shortcomings. I’m Hispanic. I made a very successful career for myself in this great country through hard work and self reliance. Don’t rely on the government to help you it cannot. Read the book Uncle Sam’s Plantation by Star Parker. Always remember this- anything the government gives you they took from hardworking honest Americas. Rely on yourself. Everyone is always crying and whining about evil White people. Then how the hell are ASIANs and Indians so successful? Answer- their families stay together and they push their kids for academic and business success. They surpass most white people whose families stay together for the most part and don’t have 70% of babies born out of wedlock. Wake up and stop worshipping and voting for people like Barrack Obama ( half white and raised by white people from Kansas, grew up in SE ASIA and lived most of his life in Hawaii- not your typical BLACK experience- he has more in common with John Kerry and George Bush than he does Al Sharpton and Tom Joyner) start listening to selfmade successful black men like Ben Carson and Herman Cain

  3. Most leeves around the country were built only to withstand a category 3 hurricane, Katrina, was a category 5. I don’t know if it’s even possible to build leeves that could endure a hurricane that strong. Since, Al Sharpton, is such good buddies with Obama, why doesn’t he ask his President when black businesses, and homes are going to be restored.

  4. Again, I forgot to mention that God makes no mistakes, it was man fought that Katrina happen. And now they want to celebrate! Celebrate what, how you have change some peoples lives in a negative way, come on we need to remember the lives that was lost and also the people who are still struggling. I’m not saying hold their hands but we need to help, teach, etc. etc.

  5. My question is… why haven’t the people’s homes been restored? Katrina victims are still homeless? What’s going on with the housing crisis in New Orleans?

    • The government and political leaders fail the people because rent out here is extra high and the jobs here are still low paying jobs, no one can work at McDonald’s and pay rent they will need two extra jobs. I believe that’s why robbery is up. Also if they can have programs in place to assist people to further their job skills and increase their pay it would not be like this but I think it’s a money thing for them to continue to lock up young men of color to pad their pockets and to continue destroying them.

  6. Zerkeise on said:

    I cant agree or disagree. The white man didn’t create Katrina. As Dr. Ben Carson said, This country doesn’t need any more division. We have outside enemies that are waiting to take over. So I would like to ask the activists to make sure you have proof of certain statements. Some people do not research information and just go with the media, etc. Ray Nagin.

  7. Thank you Rev. Al-I’ve been saying the same thing since 2005 when Katrina happened!!!!

    Anyone with a brain knows that those levees were intentionally neglected so that the next massive storm or hurricane would breach them and do serious damage.

    Most of the wards that were severely damaged had predominately people of color. So once that land was again vacant it became valuable. Some of those wards have never and will no doubt ever be re-built and if they are it won’t be for the previous residents but for white folks!!!!!

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