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A teen missing from Suffolk, Virginia is believed to be a runaway, enticed by a man she met online who promised her a modeling contract, Virginia authorities and her parents say. Fourteen-year-old Sanise Diamonique Hall is missing from her Suffolk  home, last seen in red pajamas, a tank top, a hoodie and flip-flops. Her mother, Denise Allen, who she lived with, is pleading for her to return. reports: 

Hall’s biological father, Ricardo Hall, lives in New York, but said he talked to his daughter every day.

“I’m very afraid. She’s not from the streets. I don’t know where she’s at and I don’t know if she’s wanting to to come home and just can’t,” Hall told 13News Now.

Both parents said the teen’s internet and social media use were restricted because they had concerns about who she was communicating with. According to her mother, Sanise was recently in contact with a man claiming to be a model agent based out of Florida.

Hall is 5’2″ tall, weighs 94 pounds, and has black hair and brown eyes. She may have red highlights in her hair and may be wearing a fake nose ring.

If you are in Suffolk and have seen her, police ask you to dial 9-1-1 immediately.

Anyone outside the city can contact officers through the non-emergency line at 757-925-1439 or call Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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16 thoughts on “Despite Precautions, Missing Virginia Teen May Have Been Lured By Internet Predator

  1. Tehelia on said:

    Prayers, I pray for her safe return, parents needs to talk more to their kids about the danger of this social media, because human trafficking is real, also you have a lot of racism out here.

  2. Graham on said:

    This is sad and Florida is not pace to be lost, we got teach our young generation, that beauty, clothes, looks and all that doesn’t matter, I blame TV and society for enriching our young girls to look up to being grown and dressing the part early..teach our kids to have better understanding about life than looks, because it will get them no where in life.

  3. mary foye on said:

    Do you know what part of Florida she may have been going to? Cause I know a couple of ppl. That live there and I would like to put the word out to them just in case the may see her.

  4. blackspeak on said:

    I can only hope she’s alive, and won’t be found in a ditch with her head cut off.. The internet can be a very dangerous and unforgiving place of debauchery and mistreatment….

  5. So sad, I hope this young lady is eventually found safe and un-harmed.

    As for the parents restricting her Internet use-why didn’t they monitor who she was chatting with on-line? There are so many perverts/pedophiles out there just waiting to play this game with innocent young girls and boys.

      • Mac Ben on said:

        So we can admonish our kids about being kids and not being fass ass girls! If this 14 y/o had been reading a book or doing some chores and not on the internet allegedly flirting with some grown-ass man- we wouldn’t be commenting about it. A 17 y/o cousin of mine went missing in 1976. She was found months later in a field in Detroit, raped and dead with her drawz up around her neck!

    • specialt757 on said:

      I agree Cokes, everyone should have a little “street smarts”. I know it’s totally different from when I was a teen. I could catch the bus and subway anywhere I wanted, I had relatives that lived in the same vicinity and we were relatively close. I could go to places hang out with friends and although it was a little dangerous, it also taught me what and who to look out for, I was never alone with people I didn’t know. Now, I’d be surprise if my daughter could give directions to someone to get to her own home. Not that she’s not intelligent, except for the closest malls, she never goes anywhere or does anything without one of us and is always into her cell phone, either listening to music, twitter, or IG. It’s really pretty sad and scary at the same time. I will be really glad when this part of her life is a distant memory.

  6. specialt757 on said:

    This child looks a whole lot like one of my daughter’s friend. My heart was beating so fast when I saw the pic and headline. I hope this baby is returned home safely, I can only imagine the fear that her parents are experiencing. I pray for her safe return.

    • specialt757 on said:

      A WHOLE lot of bad. The internet is a very scary and sometimes creepy place. Everyone should not be allowed to have it.

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