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Ciara opened up about her current man, her ex-man and the double standard that applies when the baby daddy has a problem with his child being around the new boyfriend.

“It’s been very interesting to hear what a lot of guys have had to say,” Ciara said during an appearance Wednesday on “CBS This Morning.” She was referring to those men (and her ex-boyfriend Future) who have a problem with their son, Future Zahir Wilburn, spending time with her current boyfriend, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. “I feel like in a sense it’s a bit of a double standard, because when we were together, I took care of his kids as well.

“I was involved [with Future’s children] very early in the stage of us getting to know each other,” she added. “It’s kind of like, ‘Well, what’s the difference here?’ I think that even for the men that were outspoken, it’s like, wouldn’t you want someone to love on your child, or love on the child that you are speaking about?”

Ciara continued: “To the guys who have such an opinion, know your facts! I did reach out to [Future] for him and Russell to speak and he didn’t want to talk to me. You know, we didn’t get to talk, and so that was that. I don’t know what more they would expect for me to do than just live my life, and that’s what I’m doing.”

On the topic of her and Russell Wilson’s celibacy, she says she doesn’t think that Wilson intended to share that part of their relationship with the world, given that he was having an “organic conversation” in a church.

“It’s a great challenge; I can definitely say that,” she says, adding that the decision was about religion but also about “wanting to love each other, really wanting to know each other, really wanting to build and grow a solid foundation, because [sex] is the cherry on top. You know, sometimes I think that can also cloud your emotions and you can kind of not really get to see a person for who they are, so we are challenging ourselves.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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