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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Jay Leno says an unfair double standard is being applied to the dozens of women accusing Bill Cosby of decades-old sexual assaults.

“I keep reading the comments, ‘liars,’ and ‘why didn’t they come forward before?'” the former “Tonight Show” host said Thursday.

But men who delay sharing stories of abuse or rape are readily believed, even when it’s a religious figure such as a priest involved, Leno said.

The experience should be viewed as the same for women and men who hid an assault out of shame and finally addressed it years later.

“When women do it, somehow it’s a scam,” Leno said, attributing the kneejerk reaction to “ingrained” sexism.

Leno spoke to The Associated Press after a panel at the Television Critics Association summer meeting at which he discussed his new CNBC show, “Jay Leno’s Garage,” premiering Oct. 7.

He didn’t comment directly on the validity of the more than two dozen sexual assault claims, with many of Cosby’s accusers alleging the comedian drugged them beforehand.

Cosby, 78, and his attorneys have denied some of the allegations and no criminal charges have been filed against him.

A Cosby spokesman did not immediately respond Thursday to a request for comment.

Asked if Cosby and his career can rebound, Leno invoked another entertainer’s experience.

“Americans will forgive anything except hypocrisy,” he said. “I remember I had Charlie Sheen on (‘Tonight’) and he said, ‘Look, I like hookers and coke. What am I going to do?’ And the audience applauded. It’s terrible, but at least he’s honest.

“As soon as you deny it, that’s your downfall,” Leno said.

Celebs Who Have Been Accused of Sexual Assault
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20 thoughts on “Leno: Accusers of Bill Cosby Face Unfair Double Standard

  1. on said:

    Who is this old pop tart looking molester Leno ?
    Oh that’s right a has been who jumped on Johnny dick to get started !

  2. Dr. Dre just admitted to mistreating women and even throwing a woman through a door. I wonder if folks are going to go back and dig up his past and boycott him and his products.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Tammy don’t give people any ideas. Because someone is always looking for a quick payday. If his new movie is extremely successful people will be coming out of the woodworks filing abuse charges that happened 20 years ago.
      No abuse is acceptable in my eyes but people need to speak up a lot sooner than a lot later, evidence is destroyed, eyewitness can’t remember, or die, anything can happen when too much time passes, especially if drug use has faded memories.
      It’s funny how people have excellent memories and are able to detail stories that happened 20-40 years ago what they couldn’t remember 20 minutes after they came off their high, darn shame. I wonder how that works.

  3. Jay Leno, is a hypocrite,
    After cracking Michael Jackson jokes for months, Jay Leno played it straight pop star’s child molestation trial, testifying that the boy at the center of the case sounded scripted over the telephone. Leno testified that the accuser’s family schemed to get money from celebrities like Jackson. Leno stated that he grew suspicious when the accuser of Michael Jackson left repeated voice mail messages in 2000. This doesn’t sound like a 12-year-old. This seems a little scripted,”‘ Leno testified. Per the defense, Leno was so concerned about the boy’s calls that he called police. Leno told the police he believed the family was looking for money. However that same night Leno went on his show and joked that a heat wave had him “sweating like a Cub Scout” at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Leno is the liar and hypocrite.

    • I agree. And MJ was PROVEN IN COURT to be innocent and Jay Leno knew this was a lie on MJ (after MJ trial. Jay even invited MJ’s lawyer Tom M on the show to talk the case and even agree how a shame that family was YET Jay cracked the meanest jokes after he gave his testimony in court of how this family was lies and try to set people up-that family even tried to con George Lopez by saying George stole from them which George Lopez testify to at MJ’s trial). As someone said, even when the courts free a person, some folks still want to think you are guilty. So a man was innocent Jay and you degraded him (MJ) when you KNEW he was innocent.

    • Also Eve, the 1993 case was brought into this trial and even that was finally proven to be lies (two grand juries threw that case out in 1994 which the media does not tell you all). Jay wants to talk about double standards, there was even a double standards with MJ case compare to Cosby. Many of the stuff that was said about MJ was proven to be lies (MJ even had to issue a warning to the media to be fair because they were printing lies and anyone who trash MJ-many of these people had to pay michael slander suit which the media do not talk about. THIS IS ALL COURT RECORD in LA; however, regardless if these ladies are telling the truth or not, these women made claims YET the media did NOT dwell on Cosby accusers like they did MJ and the media did not drag Cosby through the mud like they did MJ and MJ spoke up, did interviews and was willing to talk, even when he finished his Dangerous tour in 1993 December, he got on the plane and came home and did a strip search with no debate.

  4. ChristopherSTorres on said:

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  5. BC, is one big hypocrite, liar, adultery, serial rapist, child molester. No one is the blame for BC’s down fall, but Cosby himself. If even these women knowingly took drugs, that still don’t accuse Cosby, he was the supplier, and above all he is married. Cosby, is a sex, crazed maniac. His lies were bound to catch up with him.

    • Says who, some bimbos who believe they are entitled to the man’s money?? How come all of a sudden the gravy train is laden with these has-beens? Why weren’t they just as eager to do what they are doing now when the so-called “rape” occurred?

  6. Mitchell on said:

    Bill Cosby was only a Negro or N-word 25-40 years ago not a powerbroker worth $360 million. He was a Hollywood experiment as the first Blackman showing in prime time and guided by white money. He had no influence to help himself his money and power came with The Cosby Show, A Different World & Fat Albert. The point is in the 1960s/70s the culture used drugs and sexual freedom was wild with the rich and famous. Accuser of Cosby were the types using their sex to gain favor and fun with forbidden Black men. Drugs & sex orgies were common and these women knew it. I don’t condone such actions as alleged but it ain’t like they’re saying it was. Ask our Black sports stars do they come at them with opened sex parts. Colleges recruit black athletes using white girl sex parts. It ain’t new y’all and “if” Cosby was wrong was he the ONLY one? Where the white men at?

  7. The largest shame factor about all the women coming foward. Is the people that knew and hungout with the Cosby knew his behavior. And the things he likes 2do. Shame on them for coming foward first

  8. wanda lee on said:

    the way that i look at it, if the experience was tramatic enought to say anything years ago, why act like it’s tramatic now. give me a break! don’t act like it damaged you in any way because if it did, you wouldn’t have waited this long.

    • I disagree—as a foster mom, I’ve seen kids act out of the blue only to admit during therapy sessions that they were violated. I understand your point that it shouldn’t have taken ALL of these women this long to come forward, but I know that traumatic experiences usually stay hidden until some trigger happens and out come the story.

      • And there are people who used this “theory” to use lie on people as well. So which is it? In this case, I am going by what Cosby said in the deposition BUT to think a person is guilty due to all what you are saying, I will not. Again, there are people who read up on this stuff and try lie on people. There is a woman who was just arrest for getting thousands of dollars out of donors because she claimed she had cancer and she made appointments as if she was going to the doctor, go in the hospital while her family sit in the waiting room, and go into the upstairs bathroom and wait for hours as if she is getting treatment when in fact she was not because she did not have cancer. Now, you would not think a person would do that would you but she did. Also. how can someone “forget” when the person who you are accusing is in your face or on tv everyday in order to remind you of themselves. Again, I think Cosby gave some of these women drugs but I also believe many of them did drugs with him and now using this situation to their advantage. I think it is some of both.

    • It is obvious that you have never been sexually assaulted, or traumatized at all.

      Your comment doesn’t even make sense, but that doesn’t surprise me. What does this quote even mean? “don’t act like it damaged you in any way because if it did, you wouldn’t have waited this long.” You just proved your intelligence right there.

      Who are you to say how people should respond to trauma. Why don’t you do research on trauma and PTSD? It can take years for somebody to get the strength to come forward because they ARE STILL AFRAID.

      So with your line of thinking, women should never report sexual assault and just get over it?

  9. Say what! on said:

    Well, there is unfairness and double standards all around and on all sides. Even when the court system find evidence to say “not guilty” we as a society still wants to make the person be guilty even when evidence show the person was innocent.

      • Cosby was never given a trial so that remind to be seen; however when comes to “not guilty” and “innocent” it is based on the evidence that is presented; but regardless, an innocent person will be given the same verdict “not guilty” even if they are innocent. When a person goes to court and it is proven that the accusers are liars, changing their stories under cross examine, and breaking their lies down, that is viewed as the accuser is lying and the defendant is telling the truth which will be viewed “not guilty” and people knowing that person was innocent; the other hand, a person can be given a “not guilty even if they are guilty because to mistakes by cops, mishandling evidence, etc. SO that person can be guilty but given a “not guilty” verdict based on this mistakes.

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