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Dear Tom,

I would like to nominate my son to be the recipient of your generosity for Real Fathers Real Men.

Jai is a great father to his two children, and has willingly accepted responsibility for the children of his fiancée who has three of her own.  He has also accepted the care of his ex’s third child as his own.

This is no sob story jai is a great dad and has just recently been able to purchase his first home for his growing family (too fast for me lol).  He is active in his community and church as well as his fraternity. Did I mention that he is a member of the original drum line as a band member under Dr. Hodge at NC A&T?

In his new residence he has a major responsibility to keep his property groomed.  Since his purchase of home he has used up all of his available resources and cannot afford to buy a riding lawn mower to keep up his property.

I wish that I was able to help get one but I can’t.  He is currently renting one from one of those rent-a -centers.  So tom if you could see fit to grant my wish for him to have a riding lawn mower it would make me very happy and help to reduce my son’s monthly expenses.  Thank you!

By the way, I am Michael Cottman (the other one Sybil lol).

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