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Bill Cosby’s account of what happened with Judy Huth will soon be given, according to Huth’s lawyer.

On Tuesday (July 28), attorney Gloria Allred revealed that a judge in Santa Monica, CA judge mentioned that he will set a date by the end of the week for Cosby to give a deposition in Huth’s civil suit against him, USA Today reports, adding that Cosby’s deposition under oath, as ordered by the judge, will be given no later than Sept. 30.

In addition to Cosby, Huth will be deposed.

At the center of the case are allegations Huth made which state that Cosby sexually molested her inside the Playboy Mansion when she was 15. Huth, who is now 55, goes on to allege that Cosby “took her hand in his and performed a sex act on himself without her consent” when she was a teen.

Despite time running out on the statute of limitations for criminal cases, USA Today referenced a law passed in California in 1990 that allows allegations of underage sexual abuse to be made in civil suits years or decades later.

“We are very pleased that the case is now moving forward whether Mr. Cosby likes it or not,” Allred told the publication in a statement.

Cosby was dealt a legal blow last week when the California Supreme Court opened the door for the embattled comedian to be deposed in Huth’s civil suit by denying a request to review a lawsuit against Cosby.

Last week the California Supreme Court denied a request to review a lawsuit against Cosby, paving the way for the comedian to be deposed in the civil suit filed by Huth.

“Mr. Cosby may be praying for divine intervention to halt his deposition, but he will soon have to give his testimony in Ms. Huth’s case, and we are looking forward to that day,” said Allred, who represents 17 Cosby accusers.

In addition to the Huth case, Cosby is dealing with the fallout from his situation with another accuser, Andrea Constand. Although Constand’s case was settled and documents sealed a decade ago, USA Today reported Tuesday that her legal team is currently working to make the terms of their 2006 civil suit settlement public.

In his recently leaked deposition, Cosby confessed to being “a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in these romantic sexual things, whatever you want to call them.”

Constand is accusing Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her. Constand’s lawyer Dolores Troiani cast doubt over the entertainer’s confidence in reading women as she noted that her client is gay. At the time of Constand’s 2004 encounter with Cosby at his home in Philadelphia, Troian added that the Temple University basketball official was dating a woman.

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(Photo Source: AP)