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A Texas mother took initiative when her 10-month-old son was discovered locked inside of a daycare by staffers overnight.`

Sharonda Ross says she dropped her son Jordan off Monday morning at Joann’s Day Care in northeast Houston and expected her husband to pick him up later that evening, reports the New York Daily News. When she realized he hadn’t, Ross and her spouse rushed to the daycare 45 minutes after they closed for the evening to hear her child crying inside the locked building.

Ross says she and her husband broke a window to save their baby. As for the staffers, they didn’t realize they left the child in the facility by himself. After a staffer gave Jordan a bath, she laid him down and cleaned up. Jordan fell asleep and she went home for the evening.

Owner Joann Davis says, “My closer, which was Tricia, left at 6:43; she got here at 6:45 so we figure it was a 2 or 3 minute lapse. My one mistake I know I made is I should have had a sign on the door in case of emergency call this number.”


“It was our mistake. I’m not saying it’s not,” owner Joann Davis told KTRK. “But the main thing is the baby’s okay, and I’m sorry as I can be.”

Ross says she’s livid about the incident.

“No parent should have to go through this, and yes, things happen but it’s still not acceptable,” said Ross. “It’s a sense of relief knowing that you can hear your child, you have a sense of where he’s at, but it’s just overwhelming, the initial not knowing.”

Davis said the staffer will not face any disciplinary action, but the parents have filed a report against the daycare.



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16 thoughts on “Brave Parents Break Into Daycare To Save Baby Locked Inside For Night

  1. john on said:

    child was saved stop your bickering baby is safe that is all that matters your asshole will argue till it’s time for your fuckups shut your pie holes

  2. What happen to calling the police if a parent has not picketed their child up before closing. Yes, stuff do happen, however no care giver should lock a child in a building alone. Parent did what he or she had to do getting their baby.

  3. MacBen on said:

    These parents ain’t shit. If they had been more responsible as parents (picking him up on time) this would not have happened. Don’t trust complete care of your child to ANYBODY!

  4. specialt757 on said:

    Okay Kelly so by EVERYBODY IS WRONG I assume you are referring to the people involved in the debacle. You one state that the daycare worker should be fired, but then state no parent is perfect. Should the daycare worker be perfect but the parent(s) doesn’t have to be? Is that your logic?

  5. Kelly on said:

    EVERYBODY IS WRONG! 1-The Day Care is NOT suppose to close without making sure every child is picked up. Daycare 101-That is negligent and the worker should be fired. 2-Okay, no parent is perfect. Stuff happens. Miscommunication, etc. however, they could’ve called the daycare…everybody has a cellphone. If they got there 3 minutes after the worker left, they had time to call. They also should’ve called 911.

  6. Ok so its right to file a complaint against the daycare provider but as “parents” the blame belongs squarely with them…..How do you forget your child?? Those parents need to take some of the blame for this foolishness and get on board with the fact they two are not responsible parents

  7. Barbrah Webb on said:

    you are misreading the story – the daycare worker left at 6:43 PM and the parents showed up and broke the window at 6:45 PM. I’m not excusing the daycare worker – but I would ask the parents – why didn’t they call the daycare? why didn’t they call the owner? Here’s a thought call the police. To “save” your child – from what? I too as a parent would have been upset – but there’s enough blame to go around for the parents and the daycare worker. I don’t see why there was a report made – the daycare should have made one against the parents as well. At least the child was unhurt and will never remember this incident.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Let’s be clear here, it’s never okay to “mistakenly” leave a baby alone at any time at a daycare, home, car, etc… But there’s definitely something wrong with this story. Watching the video the reporter says she came to get her child at 2:00am after her and her husband realized that neither had the baby. Yet in the article above it appears the baby was only left for 2 or 3 minutes about at 6:43 (assuming PM). Was the baby left from 6:43pm until 2:00 am? Two questions, was this a 24 hour daycare, if so, why was this the only baby left? And if not, why didn’t the parents know sooner that their baby was still at the daycare? The article says the baby was left overnight. WTH?

      • Kelly on said:

        Really? So they pick some random picture of a beautiful baby to tear at your heart. That’s so wrong!!!

  8. Monica on said:

    How come nobody is talking about the parent’s leaving and forgetting about their child…. Who should they really be mad at?

  9. Linda on said:

    Thank God this precious baby is okay!

    Isn’t it the job of all daycare workers to make sure that all the children in their care have been picked-up by a parent or guardian before the daycare center is closed/locked for the night?

    Whoever this lazy, trifling daycare worker is-she needs to lose her job. How would she feel if this happened to her child and the child did not survive-or if this is allowed to happen again?

  10. This story seems weird; however, I would not trust having my child in such a Daycare. How could you discover your child being left in a Daycare than long stretch if hours? And could it have been a deliberate act? ….

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