D.L. Hughley has been one of the most outspoken about Bill Cosby and his rape allegations. And from what he revealed during his interview on “Sway in the Morning“, it’s with good reason.

D.L. said it’s clear Cosby didn’t like him. It could’ve been because he was part of Def Comedy Jam which Cosby actively tried to bring to an end, according to D.L. But it was in 2009 while D.L was working at Kiss FM in New York during an interview with Cosby that they came to blows.

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Cosby immediately began to judge D.L. and criticized him for his use of the N-word. But it’s D.L.’s response that was shocking.

“With all due respect Mr. Cosby when I curse or say n—a, no girl ends up with her underwear on backward and drugged,” said D.L.

Bill Cosby immediately demanded the interview not be aired and he got his wish. The interview to this day has never been aired. D.L. talks more about his experience with Cosby, the rape allegations, Caitlyn Jenner and much more in this raw interview!

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