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Last night was like a scene out of Mean Girls, and Meek Mill was Regina George.

Following his girlfriend’s miscommunication with Taylor Swift, Meek Mill decided to start a real Twitter war and Drake was his first victim.

We don’t know what led up to the MMG rapper blasting Drake over writing his own rhymes, but whatever happened between the two recent collaborators was bad – very bad.

Late last night, Meek Mill hopped on Twitter to diss Nicki Minaj‘s ex-boyfriend Safaree, but the Twitter rant quickly turned into a tirade against Drake and his lack of hip-hop credibility.

Somewhere in the midst of Meek’s rant, MMG boss Rick Ross got the greater than and less than symbols mixed up and ended up tweeting, “Drake >>>>>> Meek Mill,” which temporarily started a firestorm.

Rick Ross quickly deleted the tweet and replaced it with:

Meek Mill continued tweeting.

Wondering who the man is that Meek Mill alleges writes all of Drake’s rhymes? Quentin Miller.

Somewhere in between the Twitter melee, Atlanta newcomer OG Maco confirmed Meek Mill’s allegations, which ultimately led to him getting in a Twitter battle with Drake’s longtime producer Boi-1da.

Remember the “Krispy” rapper Kia Shine? Well, he chimed in on the matter, claiming he wrote Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” (which has been a longtime rumor).

Roscoe Dash jumped into the mix too, tweeting about…well, we don’t know what Roscoe’s purpose was in this argument.

Meek Mill simply tweeted back:

Obviously, this is round one of the WWE wrestling match between Meek and Drake. Now, we’ll have to sit back, relax, and wait for Drake to clap back.



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