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The story of Sandra Bland, the 28-year-old who was found dead in a Texas jail cell earlier this month, was given more context on Tuesday when dash camera footage of her arrest by Texas trooper Brian Encinia was released.

The nearly hour-long video shows an opposite portrait of what the 30-year-old officer painted in his police report.

Bland was booked on a third-degree felony for assaulting an officer on Friday, July 10, and reportedly hung herself with a trash bag two days later. She was pulled over by Encinia for failure to use her turn signal near Prairie View A&M, where she was expected to start her new job the following Monday. Footage of the encounter has been examined by police, activists, and even Hollywood directors.

As more information comes to light, here’s what we know about Texas trooper Brian Encinia.

1. Brian Encinia’s Career As A State Trooper Is Fairly New

Encinia ventured into police work after a career in agriculture. He attended Texas A&M University and graduated in 2008 with his bachelor’s in agricultural leadership and development. After working as an ingredient processing supervisor at Blue Bell Creameries for six years (2008-2014) he worked as a chief in the Brenham Fire Department from 2009 to 2013.

He began working for the Department of Public Safety in Waller County as a state trooper and has held the position for a little over a year.

2. Preliminary Investigation Revealed Encinia Violated “Courtesy” Protocols

Texas Department of Public Safety officials informed reporters this week that Encinia violated several traffic stop and courtesy protocols. A DPS spokesman didn’t state what exactly the officer did wrong, but legal experts claim his alleged abrasive behavior could be a factor.

Texas Commission on Jail Standards also slammed the Waller County Jail for inconsistent training and failing to actively check on inmates every hour face-to-face.

Bland’s rights were also violated during the arrest. Citizens are allowed to remain silent after handing over their license and proof of insurance.

3. Key Details About His Initial Encounter With Sandra Bland Were Left Out

After footage of Encinia and Bland’s encounter was released to the public, suspicions of editing and Encinia’s own account of the incident were called out. In the police report, the officer says he asked Bland to exit the vehicle to continue with his investigation.

The video shows he actually opened the door to Bland’s Hyundai after pulling out his stun gun. He also argued with her about her cigarette, another factor leading to their confrontation.

Officer Brian Encina (while writing ticket): You seem very irritated.

Sandra Bland: I am, I really am…..(something slightly unintelligible, about how she was just “getting out of your way”)

Encina: Are you done?

Bland: You asked me what was wrong and I told you….

Encina: Mind putting out your cigarette please?

Bland: I’m in my car, why do I have to put out my cigarette?

Encina: You can step on out now.

Bland: I don’t have to step out of my car.

Encina: Step out of the car….

Bland: You do not have the right….

Encina: Now step out or I will remove you…I’m giving you a lawful order get out of the car now or I’m gonna remove you…

Bland: I’m calling my lawyer.

Encina: I’m gonna yank you out of here….

Bland: Don’t touch me, I’m not under arrest.

Encina: You are under arrest.

Bland: I’m under arrest for what ? For what?…

Encina: Get out of the car now!

Encinia claims Bland was combative and demanded she stop recording the arrest, but laws state that it is legal to record police if it doesn’t interfere with their duties.

4. Encinia’s Digital Presence Has Vanished

It isn’t known if Encinia had a social media presence, but his LinkedIn page was deleted after his name was announced to the public. Bland’s videos discussing her past troubles with PTSD and tweets on the “Black Lives Matter” movement, on the other hand, are still present on the internet.

5. Lawmakers Have Sided With Sandra Bland Over Arrest 

DPS Director Steve McCraw and Texas State Senator Royce West have released brief statements about the case. McCraw told the Washington Post today that Encinia did not display proper conduct.

“Regardless of the situation, the DPS state trooper has an obligation to exhibit professionalism and be courteous,” said DPS Director Steve McCraw. “That did not happen in this situation.”

When asked by reporters if Sandra Bland caused her own death, West said “no.” He also added that she didn’t deserve to be arrested in the first place.

6. Encinia Is Currently On Administrative Leave 

Encinia is on administrative duty until the investigation is complete. The FBI is currently working with Texas Rangers on the case after Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences in Houston labeled Bland’s death a suicide. Her family has hired an independent medical examiner; that autopsy is scheduled to release results in the next few days.

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23 thoughts on “6 Things We Know About Brian Encinia, The Texas Trooper Who Arrested Sandra Bland [VIDEO]

  1. Judith on said:

    As a retired critical care nurse I was SHOCKED at Ms.Bland’s mug shot. It is more than obvious the she is DEAD in that photo. She is expressionles, waxy skin tone, eyes are askew and her pupils are fixed and dilated. And for a black person she is very pale and very dead. She was murdered. I have no doubt. Very sad. The cop should get life or execution.

  2. Talk about editing videos, the video on this incident displayed here on this website was itself edited and greatly shortened. For one thing Ms. Bland’s many many profane remarks to the cop are edited out!

    • You are rude and the officer that arrested her is a fucking pussy and so the fuck are you the fuck is wrong with you. Now if that shit was on the other hand and it was yo ignorant ass that was dead then it wouldn’t be ok and you right #BLACKLIVESMATTERs #FUCKTHEPOLICE and the police lovers as well … he should rot and so should anybody else that has a negative opinion about another soul dieing cause they are not the same race or fucking creed as them.

  3. Sofia on said:

    As far as the alleged suicide, what about her injured arm she mentioned to one of her sisters and the bruising in the middle of her back from the officer’s knee? Was she given medical care and how did she ignore the pain she was in to reach up and tie a plastic bag to hang herself. I think losing a baby is more severe than being fired up to take these jokers to jail for false imprisonment. She didn’t kill herself then. Why would she do it now? If the police department was not directly involved in her death, they are indirectly at fault for putting her in that position. Evidence can be tampered with. We’ve seen the history of cops covering for their own…

  4. reflextions on said:

    Please remember to call and thank your local police union and the FOP in your area for allowing mass murderers with badges to remain UNPUNISHED. Our police warriors are trained to always be in a state of LETHAL alert for any interactions with the public. Our warrior police are amp up and ready to escalate all encounters.

  5. If someone does not stop officers from thinking that citizens have no rights when they arrive on the scene we are all in trouble. Their attitude is “how dare you question me”, “how dare you talk back to me”, this behavior has to stop, just because you have a badge and a gun does not mean that you are correct in all instances, it only means that the law is giving them the right to kill people and not be prosecuted for it. When people ask, why doesn’t people protest when blacks kill blacks, the difference is, when blacks kill blacks 9 times out of ten someone will be held accountable. When police officers kill blacks the coverup began, and good luck getting someone prosecuted.

  6. Sofia on said:

    I don’t see anything in his history (work or otherwise) that would have qualified him to be on the road by himself with a gun in less than a year. I say less than a year because surely proper training and classes in how to deal with the public at large along with sensitivity training would have taken up some of the time he had been on the force. Exactly what kind of training did he receive to put him in the position of law enforcement? If your feelings are this easily hurt and your tail is this sensitive, law enforcement is not the job for you.

  7. Steven Cardian, that was not justified, you are obviously a “team player” what else would you say? You are all crooks. Police are the criminals. They don’t stop crime they show up after it’s over.A Klansman backing up another Klansman what a shock.

  8. Timekeeeper on said:

    Well, now we know 7 things about him. Encino is a no account, ignorant, ballistic and arrogant human being with an inferiority complex. He is at at the very least, an accomplice to her murder if not more. This nonsense a few are spewing about behavior is the very reason innocent women like Ms. Bland continue to be murdered like this. I have been in the 4th lance of a highway on several occasions when th epoloce come bearing down on me. They are always happy when we move out of the way so that they can keep on going. But not Encino. No, he had ambition to start something from the get go.
    He was probable also sexually fixated on Ms. Bland also. When she wasn’t turned on by his ugly, out of shape, dickless ass he got even madder. No doubt he has his fan club that continues to crave for white supremacy in any form or fashion but deep down he knows what he did and will never rest easy at night. In the blink of an eye that monster turned into Hannibal Lechter , Norman Bates and Sherrif Jim Clark of Selma all rolled up into one.

  9. MoFo on said:

    How many times have we seen police interact with white people and you can CLEARLY see the white people talking to the white police LIKE A DOG! And they lived.

    My ol lady went to college in Texas and one of the first things she told me is there are some mean people down there. This sit with that white ku klux of klan fool is not surprising. If you get stopped do what those FOOLS tell you until your out of the line of danger REGARDLESS! If they were wrong THAN HOLLA to the District Attorney, public safety director – hell whoever.. Don’t try to get the last word with that FOOL. And you live.

  10. Linda on said:

    I hate it when people attempt to blame the victim for what happened to them!!!

    Ms. Bland did nothing wrong except drive to Texas in a vehicle with out of state license tags which that POS Pig Encinia chose to zero in on and stop on the bogus premise that she did not signal while making a lane change.

    When Encinia approached Ms. Bland-he is the one who should have been more professional and extended the same courtesy to her as he would to any other motorist.

    However, all this PIG saw was a woman of color and things got ugly real quick.

    Why did he threaten to tase this woman when she refused to get out of her car? This was only a minor traffic infraction nothing else.

    Encinia overstepped his bounds and when Ms. Bland challenged him on this-he and possibly some of his fellow officers retaliated and lynched her in her jail cell!!!!!!

    I sincerely hope that there is a Federal investigation of this young woman’s tragic death and that Encinia and any other PIGS involved are charged with first degree MURDER!!!!!

  11. ambientbake on said:

    IF only Ms. Bland hadn’t been so loud, rude, arrogant, disrespectful, and argumentative to the cop she would have received a ticket at the worst and been on her way to other Black LIES Matter events.

    • The “European/White American” establishment, has had a good “450 year” run of doing what they wanted to do to “people of color”…Your days of thinking you are more “superior” to everyone else is over…

    • Sofia on said:

      At what point did you think she was rude? Was it when he pulled her over for a bogus non-use of turn signal when she pulled out of the parking lot where there was clearly no oncoming traffic? By the way he would have seen that because he made a u-turn to follow behind her. Was it when she answered his question as to whether she was okay or not, even though she didn’t have to? Was it when she refused to put out her cigarette was in the comfort and safety of her own vehicle? Could it be when she wouldn’t allow him to yank her out of the car? It could also be that she wasn’t quick enough to read his mind before the words, “You are under arrest” finally came out of his mouth. Maybe it was when she got out of the car for fear that he would taze her. Think about what you’ve said the next time you don’t use your turn signal. These officials deal with citizens every day. We are human beings before they think we are anything else. We don’t usually think this can happen to us, even you. This was not this young lady’s fault.

  12. MARK 8:36 on said:

    When I look at the number of instances of police misconduct verse the number of interactions that citizens have with police, the epidemic just doesn’t exist.

  13. yaeger on said:

    I’m afraid that the more we keep watching police, we will likely not have any Police working. What happen to the good ole days, when Police could do whatever they wanted, to whom and get away with it all. They could right up fake police reports, and everyone was happy.. What is this world coming too.

  14. Lecie on said:

    That white male officer was wrong! He is crazy!
    I’m afraid for my life after watching this most horrible video of a BAD Cop. Where is the justices Here???

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